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Machine thrusting vibrators


So me and my girlfriend have been getting more and more into sex toys to use together recently. One thing we’re looking for is the machine thrusting vibrators so she can set if up and have it fuck her in the pussy while I fuck her in the ass. Most of the ones were looking at tho seem fairly small, only like 5.5in or so. Can anyone recommend sites that sell bigger ones in the 6-8in range and with a good bit of girth behind them? A lot of even the smaller ones seem to be a bit out of our price range, is there ones that are cheaper that are still just as good?

And while we’re on the subject any other recommendations on things for us to look into getting?

We’re also looking to find lists of different things to try, fetishes, etc. So we can both go through them and mark down all the stuff we want to try each and then go through it together. Lately both of our sex drives have been through the roof so we can’t stop thinking of more stuff to do together.

Edit: We live in Ireland, well the the North of Ireland where we’re still considered in Britain, so preferably Irish sites or sites from Britain

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