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Looking for very tight and firm masturbator/stroker


Looking for a stroker/masturbator that is very tight, and firm enough not to negate that tightness. I’ve tried a few different ones that have been marketed as tight or extra tight, but in my experience they’ve been so soft that they immediately mould themselves to no longer be tight*. Only one has actually gotten any real use, and not because it itself was very good but because the shape of it made it fit well with my pump, and I could jury-rig some rigidity that way – though the process meant it didn’t last for very long.

I’ve been looking around and seen a few things mentioned that seem like useful pointers:

– Most of the toys I’ve tried have been in fanta flesh, which in addition to not being great from a health perspective also is a very soft material. From what I understand, if I want a firmer one, I should rather aim for silicone – but that silicone too can be soft so it’s not itself a guarantee.

– I’ve seen the Bad Dragon Perry recommended as actually being extremely tight. However, it seems the only firmness you can get it in is “very soft”, so it seems a bit of a gamble – and I can’t afford a $100+ pure gamble. I tried finding video examples showing it but couldn’t.

Any advice on where to look/what to think about? My price range is probably about $120 as a maximum, but I can’t spend that much on a gamble, so realistically my budget without knowing with some degree of certainty is probably more like $50ish.

*I know I can squeeze harder but that defeats the purpose of a masturbator. I know I can use bands or adjustable penis rings around the toy to make it tighter, but they tend to end up being either too loose or tight enough that the toy deforms instead.

Thanks for any tips!

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