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Looking for recommendations for strong nipple suction toys,…


Okay so I have really thick and not all that sensitive nipples. I love a strong, almost milking-pull suction. Now that I’m a single woman, I struggle with nipple stimulation since pinching and twisting my own doesn’t do much for me and my ex’s mouth is no longer an option. I ordered a set of rechargeable hands-free breastfeeding pumps a while back ago from Amazon, hoping they’d be strong enough and have a good enough pull to get the job done and they do get the job done, but I still feel like they’re lacking. They’re not really as strong of a suction or milking pull feeling as I’d imagined, so I’m on the hunt again. My open-minded friend suggested getting a hand pump and seeing where that takes me, but I’d rather it be a hands-free option so I can do *other* things while getting my nipples sucked.

The little rubber suckers that you just sit on there and pinch a little do nothing for me. Neither do the similar bulbs. Clamps do not give me what I’m looking for. Please don’t suggest these, I need something that will replace a dedicated mouth like my ex’s lol

I’m open to trying a electronic nipple corrector, breastfeeding pump, hand pump, whatever, anything like that as long as it makes like a vaccum cleaner and SUCKS lol And is preferably hands-free/electronic in nature. Rechargable would be awesome.

Thank you in advance for your help and recommendations! I know if anyone can come through for me, it’s y’all! 🙏

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