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Letting the (somewhat vanilla) Missus fill the shopping…


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Alright so I’m trying to figure out how to frame this discussion. I guess I’ll preface with my (M30) partner (F35) is somewhat timid – vanilla is somewhat accurate but not quite what I was trying to convey. We own a lot of various toys… A few mid-range dildos, a handful of decent plugs, a few vibrators (including a magic wand and some derivatives of varying degrees) an nJoy pure wand, and a handful of various clitoral suction devices (mostly Satisfyers). Most of our toys predominantly see use by either myself for solo play or when I feel wild enough to use some of them on her.

Now, she’s open to having them used on her. But she only ever becomes enthusiastic when we’re already well underway and past the point of no return (her orgasm-wise). She isn’t the type to ask for a particular one nor grab one to use on me unless asked.

So there’s the context… She has agreed to go window shopping on her own to make a wish list with zero input from me. However, she’s suggested that I give her a handful of categories or criteria to help her fill the cart out. And I’m at a loss.

So could y’all help me come up with say… Six or seven different types of toys (having an idea of what we already have)? To help guide her in the right direction? While it would be hot to just go shopping together, we both agreed that it might be more productive and pleasantly surprising to have her go about it separately and I only find out when it comes time to review the order. I had a couple of types in mind but am just drawing blanks on the rest. I was thinking perhaps:

A pussy plug of some sorts (recommendations welcome)

1-2 different (possibly remote) wearables

A butt plug FOR HER that SHE CHOOSES… 🤣

Maybe some kind of dildo (but she says she doesn’t see the point in dildos when I’m right there despite my numerous creative suggestions)

A sort of panty vibe (?)

As you can see, I’m struggling with creative license to even give her a sex-toy-scavenger-hunt, head start. Community input and guidance would be much appreciated in the liberation of her dormant kinky spirit.

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