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It won’t go deeper even tho it should


• I am a guy that decided to try a dildo with vibration and thrusting mechanism. The only toy I use before was a vibrating buttplug something of a ~medium size I think made out of the same material as the dildo (silicon).
• The dildo is not flexible at all, since it has a mechanism inside, goes in pretty well at some point but it never goes too deep into the hole (~2.5 inches) but the dildo is like 6.5 inches long (it also has an erectional ring as a part of it but to wear it you gotta take the full length).
• The problem is that I feel like I hit a wall (like the dildo stops going in, but I don’t think I feel pain or anything (?)), tho on the internet it says the the turn shouldn’t be that close. The widest part is a corona (~1.6 inches) and then it never gets that thick, so what could be the problem? Whenever I hit the “wall” and take the toy out it is somewhat clean and all… should I try to put more force on the dildo or what?

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