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It Only Takes One – Mutual Blog

It Only Takes One – Mutual Blog

We met on mutual. It was the only date either of us ever got off of mutual, and it was the only one we needed. Our first date was at Arctic Circle. I didn’t think the date went very well, but I made sure to get her number because I wanted to try to see her again just because she was so beautiful. But to my surprise, she texted me back and wanted to see me again. The second date went much better. Then I had to leave on a pre-planned vacation the day after the second date. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, but I was half way across the country. “I miss you,” I texted her. “Come back soon,” she texted back. Third date was bringing her to church with me after I got back. Fourth date was a fancy Italian restaurant and our first kiss. Fifth date I asked her to be my girlfriend. It is clear to me that we are soulmates!

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Met On Mutual

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