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Is that supposed to feel… So much ?


Hi, I just bought my first vibro, a very small one (a few more bigger than a finger). I also bought some lube and I tested it.

I tried putting it in me and since I’m a virgin I’m pretty sure I still need time so that’s fine. But I tried the vibro on my clit and I don’t know if I’m doing it well? I have a hard time finding my clit and when I do it feels just too much, not pleasurable… I have to stop after a few seconds. I tried the two speed, fast and slow. I can’t feel anything with the slow speed but with the fast one it’s too much.

Should I just need more time / experience ? Or is it what it’s supposed to feel?? Should I try and not remove the vibro when it feels too much?

I used to masturbate by humping a pillow and it felt pleasurable, but now I’m just confused if I’m doing it right?

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