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Influencer receives 5,000 dating applications, rejects them

Influencer receives 5,000 dating applications, rejects them

5,000 wrongs don’t make a Mr. Right.

A heartsick Dutch influencer and OnlyFans star who posted a viral boyfriend application has reportedly been contacted by thousands of male singletons — but still hasn’t found a soulmate.

“I’m currently still single,” Vera Dijkmans, 23, who boasts over 5.5 million Instagram followers, told LadBible of her backfired guy-fishing ploy.

The content creator, who hails from the Netherlands but lives in London, went viral in the fall after sharing a TikTok video of an old-school “dating app” that she requires prospective paramours to fill out.

“I don’t think I should have to compromise on my needs – I’d rather be single until I find the man I’m meant to be with,” Dijkmans declared. Instagram / @veradijkmans

The mostly “yes or no” questions covered every topic from the suitors’ work and relationship history to if they have a car, evoking something out of Shania Twain’s 1997 classic song “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

Dijkmans also threw some curveballs, asking if the applicant described themselves as “douchey” if they liked the animated show “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and whether she’d get a “walk-in closet” if they lived together.

Despite the Ivy League-evoking vetting process, the internet celeb reportedly had over 5,000 bites from aspiring Mr. Rights.

Alas, none of the candidates cut the mustard.  

“After going through most of them, I found just three guys who I thought were suitable,” lamented Dijkmans, who went on dates with the trio, but was unable to hit it off with any of them.

Dijkmans described herself as “very picky.” Instagram / @veradijkmans

As of yet, the adult entertainer remains single, but still doesn’t regret her unorthodox beau-ckground checking method.

“Despite this disappointing result, I still consider the experiment a success since I was able to be upfront of what I want and see which men fit that criteria,” said the social media star.

She said she also got the privilege of reading some truly “strange applications.”

The influencer went on dates with three of the candidates, none of whom she hit it off with. Instagram / @veradijkmans

“One man offered to send me a sample of his blood and asked for mine in return – which I ignored,” recalled Dijkmans, who is reportedly one of OnlyFans’ top earners, raking in $360,000 per month.

Meanwhile, another applicant lived with his parents and didn’t have a car despite owning a boat. A second said they had a full-time career but wouldn’t bestow Dijkmans with a walk-in wardrobe.

Naturally, rejecting thousands of guys might seem vain or even downright delusional, however Dijkmans claimed that she’s “very picky” and needs her beau to be “almost perfect.”

“I don’t think I should have to compromise on my needs – I’d rather be single until I find the man I’m meant to be with,” said the Instagrammer.

The bachelorette has reportedly put the boyfriend search on hold but is keeping her “options” open.

This isn’t the first time Dijkmans has gotten attention from some unlikely sources.

Last year, the pornographer found out her former teacher had subscribed to her OnlyFans account — after brutally telling her as a student that she would “go nowhere in life.”

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