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I spent $162K on ‘Frankenstein’ leg-lengthening surgery to

I spent $162K on ‘Frankenstein’ leg-lengthening surgery to

Theresia Fischer longed for a leg up in love. 

So, the model shelled out more than $162,000 on  “Frankenstein” leg-lengthening surgeries to become more attractive to her now ex-husband. 

“[He said] ‘If you do this for me, I will always love you and carry you in my arms,’” Fischer, 32, a reality star from Hamburg, Germany, told her over 150,000 Instagram followers in a photo-series caption Sunday. 

Theresia Fischer, 32, from Hamburg, Germany, has spent over $162,000 on leg-lengthening surgeries over the last eight years. @theresiafischer/Newsflash

The images featured the formerly five-foot-five blond — who’s undergone several leg stretching operations since 2016, adding five and a half inches to her physique  — leaving University Hospital in a wheelchair with bandages on her newly elongated limbs. 

“Finally, freedom! How I have longed for this day. It is the day of days!,” Fischer cheered beneath the pictures. 

“The whole thing is finally coming to an end. I’m glad it’s over. Today, I’m [six feet] tall,” she added. 

“The pain that I endured for eight years was so enormous (physical and mental) that I cannot even put it into words.”

Fischer is one of the many unpleasantly petite to recently undergo the stems-extending transformation.

During the cosmetic procedure, physicians break the femur bones in each of a patient’s legs and insert extendable metal nails, according to Kevin Debiparshad of the LimbplastX Institute in Nevada. 

The nails are gradually extended over the next three months by one millimeter a day – eventually making the recovered patient several inches taller.

The model says her former husband vowed to always love her if she agreed to get the limb-lengthening surgery. CEN
The excruciating procedure sees specialists break patients’ bones and implant steel rods in order to lengthen their legs. CEN
Fischer says she underwent the cosmetic procedure in order to please her now ex-hubby. CEN

Short guys worldwide have recently opted for the costly op, hoping to snag more honeys with more inches.  

“All my life I struggled with viewing myself as a small person and no matter what I did to change it I always felt the same,” Dynzell Sigers, 27, previously told The Post. 

The Atlanta native spent over $81,000 on a leg augmentation in 2023, cranking him up from a measly five-foot-six to a towering six-foot-tall stance. 

“Limb lengthening gave me the opportunity to change my life,” said Siger, who now enjoys lots of luck with the ladies due to his new altitude, “and the way I perceive life as a whole.”

Moses Gibson, 41, has, too, had more dates since coughing up $170,000 for two limb-lengthening surgeries. And influencer Yeferson Cossio, from Bogota, Colombia, said his $175,000 procedure helped him overcome a “complex” about his once five-foot-eight height. 

Fischer says she’s happy the surgeries are now behind her. CEN

Fischer tells NewsFlash Media that going under the knife has renewed her self-confidence. 

“Exactly eight years ago, Frankenstein’s implementation of modifying my body began,” she explained. “I [was] 24 years old at the time, was deeply rooted in depression.”

“I wanted to finally be loved right — to finally feel the feeling of having arrived.” 

At the urging of her ex, and hoping to  “never be alone again,” an admittedly “lost” Fischer agreed to expanding her legs. 

In 2022, six years after undergo her initial surgery, the former “Celebrity Big Brother” star returned to the operating table to have her thigh and lower leg bones cut. Specialists then implanted adjustable, steel telescopic rods into her tibiae (shinbones) to encourage the growth of new bone tissue and the lengthening of each limb. 

Throughout her eight-year medical journey, Fischer has come to learn the true meaning of love. CEN

The doctors removed the rods this week, marking the long-awaited conclusion of her years-long medical nightmare. 

“Today is the day of days when I finally had the last two percent of my past removed from my body,” raved Fischer on Instagram. 

“The two extension rods with screws have finally been removed from my lower legs.”

The lanky luminary is now looking forward to a life less painful. 

“I still have a lot to work through emotionally, but now I have the strength to heal,” said the millennial, acknowledging new beau, Stefan Kleiser, 57, as her beloved cheerleader. 

Now that the procedures are done, the six-foot model wants to start a family with her new love interest. CEN

“Love is support, tolerance and enrichment,” she said. “Not a reduction and subordination like before.”

“I am now looking positively towards the future with Stefan,“ gushed Fischer, adding  that she plans to start a family in the not-so-distant future. 

“Things are finally looking up again.”

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