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Homemade, long lasting, cheap lube?


I’m fucking broke and really don’t like spending 30€ on a 500ml bottle of lube. Big deal right?

But can anyone back me up on this ChatGPT suggested way to make long lasting cheap ass lube?

Distilled water,
Potassium Sorbate,
Citric acid,
Vegetable glycerin

Basically, all these things are dirt cheap, I can literally get a kilo of potassium sorbate for 10 bucks and I only need like 5g per liter.
The most expensive thing here is the vegetable glycerin that costs about 3 bucks per liter of lube.

Would this lube actually last for at least a month in room temperature conditions?
Because this is literally the same chemical compound as my 30 buck commercial lube,
the only difference being is that they use sodium benzoate for better pH control, which means it’s even more unlikely to develop bacteria.
And they use hydroxyethelcellulose instead of cornstarch for thickening.

Maybe it would be wise to use another preservative since cornstarch is a food for bacteria, although that’s about it.

I’ve calculated the total cost of lube using these materials, per liter and it’s:

3,11€ / L

(calculated with local store prices of these materials in my home country, this number could literally go down even more)

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