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Help me pick a public play sex toy for my gf


Help me pick a sex toy as a gift for my gf

I want it to be a surprise so I cant ask her directly. Also the lack of online reviews makes it harder to choose right.

The toy needs to be suitable for public play and just FYI When I finger her she typically likes a lot when I push my fingers all the way in.

The ones I’m considering are:

[the Flexer]( which mimics a fingering motion on the G spot with also some clitoral vibrations. This is currently the one I like better but I someone said it’s a bit noisy and cant use it just everywhere, but for crowded places its ok. Also I heard it doesn’t go super fast.

[The Lush3]( which is the most known and reviewed online and thousands of women say they love it. This one is a safe option but as I said my gf likes penetration a lot and all this does is vibrate. The biggest pro is that it is apparently super quiet

The [Vulse]( which mimics penetration going back and forth but no vibration apparently. Also it is hard finding reviews about this one so no idea if it is noisy or not and if women like it.

Imo the Flexer is the best option but if anyone has first hand accounts and would like to help me that’d be awesome!!

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