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Heated male Masturbators: share your experiences and…


TLDR in the end!

You’re trying to find a good, long lasting heated masturbator, but actual real user reviews on them are really far and wide. Sound familiar? As the heating tech is still quite niche, I wanted to create a new thread on discussing the pros and cons of different heated male masturbators.

Especially wanted are opinions and comments from users and owners of heated masturbators, so it might be easier for future buyers to look for good info on this subject: the build quality, different brands etc etc..

Not sure if this post will do well at all, but lets try! 🙂

Where I’m at and my initial thoughts after extensive googling:

I’ll add my “review” later on as well, when I end up buying one. Most of the heated masturbators seem to be from random sex toy manufacturers of which there is no knowing how well they can be trusted etc.

Right now I am looking at calor as it is almost the only heated one from a trusted toy brand that is deep enough (15cm would be nice), but reviews are mostly awful for it, so I have no good options as of now.

TLDR: share your experience with heated penis masturbators, what you would recommend and why. Especially comments from actual owners of the toy (or same brand) are appreciated.

The more comments and discussion, the merrier, thanks! ❤️

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