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Guide To Erotic Massage – Captivsenses

woman massaging man

How to give and receive sensual massage

Sensual and erotic massage, I feel, are one of the most powerful yet overlooked acts of foreplay.

The timeless art of touch and the pressure of warm hands on naked skin can sometimes be forgotten, so if you are looking to light a fire of eroticism in your relationship this experience can open so many doors for couples, whether things are just starting to get serious, or you have been together for many years.

Erotic massage can be a strong milestone moment for many couples, something that you would not usually share with just anyone

Erotic massage can be a strong milestone moment for many couples, something that you would not usually share with just anyone. The good news is that it is much easier than you may think, although preparation can be important to set the mood properly.

An erotic massage and rub will pave the way to a long-lasting, slippery, sensual, and utmost satisfying sexual experience.

woman massaging man
Discover new levels of intimacy by giving your partner an erotic massage.

Remember, your other senses besides touch are also important to sensual and orgasmic release. Sights, smells, sounds and tastes all count. You can create this multi-sensory experience for you and your partner with a few simple tips.

First, however, all parties should have a chance to take a shower or bath if they wish. You and your partner may even like to help each other! Things may get a little dirty later and that’s okay – it will give you a chance to repeat the fun of getting clean together afterwards. Do whatever you need to feel confident for the action ahead.

Sights and scents to turn you on

Dim the lights to create a seductive atmosphere and relax the body with less harsh light.

Use scented candles to engage your senses of sight and smell – some are even designed to double as massage oils when the wax melts.

Add the gorgeous fragrances of perfumes and colognes to the scene as well to enhance your play on multiple sensual levels.

Lit candle in glass holderLit candle in glass holder
Scented candles are an easy way to create a sexy atmosphere for massage.

Sounds to set the tone

A bit of music in the background will add to the pleasure of erotic massage by engaging your and your partner’s sense of hearing. Find a playlist that has you feeling adventurous, strong, and sexy. Music can also be beneficial if you’re feeling nervous because the sounds will help you to relax while you move to the rhythm.

Tempting touch of toys and essentials

Products that create a smooth glide can take massage from just good to the greatest experience ever. How much easier is it to run your hands sexily along someone’s skin when there’s lubrication of some sort? How much more pleasurable is it for the person receiving the massage? Exactly!

hand rubbing oil onto backhand rubbing oil onto back
Keep massage products on hand for a more pleasurable glide.

Always have plenty of products on hand to massage with. Some of the most popular options are All-In-One Massage Glide and NURU Massage Gel by System JO. With these products it is all about long-lasting play and less reapplication – let’s focus on our partner getting wet and wild rather than continuous reapplication and losing the moment!

Other best-sellers are DONA massage oils, which are available in a range of fragrances, each formulated to provide aromatherapy benefits while moisturising and rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.

As well as your favourite massage oil, glide or gel, have your vibrating toys charged and ready to add to the deep sensual rub of the body.

One of the most-loved toys for performing external massage on either yourself or a partner is a wand vibrator

One of the most-loved toys for performing external massage on either yourself or a partner is a wand vibrator. These toys almost resemble a microphone with their rounded head and long handle.

The head of the wand sits on top of a neck that’s usually flexible so it’s easy to move across the body and flex with your or your partner’s curves. The vibrations are focused in the head to deliver maximum stimulation to whichever erogenous zone it’s placed on – the nipples, clitoris or penis.

Woman holding wand vibratorWoman holding wand vibrator
You don’t have to massage using only your hands – try a vibrating wand.

A truly versatile toy, wand massagers can also be used to soothe sore muscles, making them perfect after a tough workout.

Whether you’re using a wand to relieve tension or reach climax, remember to perform your massage with plenty of toy-compatible lubricant. Water-based lubricant is an excellent all-rounder because it’s compatible with most toy materials and can also be used during sex. System JO offers a range of lubricant size options so you can keep a small one in your bag and a larger one in your bedside drawer or vanity.

Remember to clean your toy before and after use. Wild Secrets Foaming Toy Cleaner lets you see exactly where you’ve applied it while Wild Secrets Misting Toy Cleaner can also be used to freshen your intimate areas.

Taste like the ultimate treat

Is licking a part of your foreplay? Whether you are a beginner or advanced in erotic massage, incorporating a luscious edible body paint or topping can heighten foreplay, while flavoured lubricant can enhance oral stimulation for both you and your partner.

When it comes to flavoured lubricants there is a smorgasbord of options, from fruity to dessert-like and everything in between

When it comes to flavoured lubricants there is a smorgasbord of options, from fruity to dessert-like and everything in between. Why not have several lube flavours on hand to suit whatever taste you and your partner are craving.

couple looking at each othercouple looking at each other
Why not add an element of taste with edible body toppings and flavoured lubricants?

Be open to exploring new areas

Exploring new parts of your partner during massage can unlock hidden zones on the body that you or they may not have realised would heighten sexual pleasure just with a rub or touch. Here are some popular erogenous zones to try:

  • Ears
  • Nape of the neck
  • Inner arms and armpits
  • Inner wrist
  • Palms and fingertips
  • Navel and lower stomach
  • Sacrum (small of the back)
  • Behind the knees
close up of legs on bedclose up of legs on bed
Use massage as a chance to explore every erogenous zone.

Don’t be afraid to use your entire body. Mounting your partner allows you to apply more pressure to the massage and further builds to the eroticism of the experience. As long as your moves are safe and consensual, both of you will be in for an exciting adventure.

So, if you are craving a slow and passionate evening filled with exploration of the body, then erotic massage is a must for your sexual repertoire. No two massages are the same and who would want them to be? Explore, slide and enjoy!

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