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Guide To Bathmate Male Pumps

male pumps

How male pumps actually work

You’ve probably landed here because you’re interested in penis enlargement or how to treat erectile dysfunction.

You might even be thinking to yourself ‘that doesn’t actually work, does it?’.

Bathmate is one of the best-known male pumps around, but do you know how this men’s product came to be and how it works?

Bathmate is one of the best-known male pumps around

It all started in 2006 when Bathmate inventor, John Oakes, made a business from helping out his friend.

John’s friend had a serious spinal injury resulting in paralysis from the waist down. This unfortunately meant the loss of his ability to gain or maintain an erection and it was having a huge negative impact on his marriage.

Man to man chatting over a pint at the local pub, John was trying to give his friend some advice and thought to himself, with his background in hydraulic engineering, perhaps he could put something together to help.

John went off for a few weeks and came back with something for his friend to try, which he did with great success!

John knew he was onto a winner and after a few months of perfecting it, this was the beginning of what was more commonly known as the Bathmate Hercules (re-named Hydro7 in 2018).

male pumps
Bathmate create pumps for all sizes.

That’s the when and the why, now let’s look at the how…

All Bathmate pumps are unique in that they use water instead of air like a traditional penis pump.

Air is inconsistent under pressure so when you remove the air from the pump there are small gaps in the vessel, and the penis will bend into these ‘gaps’ where the air is not present. This means when you use an air pump there is a risk of bending, blistering and bruising due to the inconsistent pressure.

When you use water – which is even under pressure – you do not get these ‘gaps’ and you get an even cushion surrounding the penis which gives an even increase in both length and girth. The key point here is that even pressure gives even results.

All Bathmate pumps are unique in that they use water instead of air

The pumps are incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the pump with water in the bath or shower, arrange your flaccid penis inside the pump and pull back on the pump a few times to make a sealed connection to the body.

Pump until you are at a comfortable pressure, and when this is reached simply go about your regular bathing/showering routine and leave the pump on for up to 5 minutes. It’s important to note the up to. For a beginner we always recommend 2 minutes and then building up in 30 second intervals – think of it like the gym!

Once you’ve reached your choice of time limit, press down on the top of the valve and remove the pump from your body. This is set 1 of 3 complete. We recommend repeating this process 2 more times totalling a maximum of 15 minutes. We do not recommend doing this 3 sets of up to 5 minutes per set more than once per 24-hour period and no more than 5 days per week.

What happens when you’re in the pump

When you’re in the pump you will notice that you have an erection. This is an erection caused by pressure not by your heart.

When an erection is caused by pressure the valves at the base of the penis do not lock, thus when you remove the pump the blood will flow rapidly back out into the body, taking the erection down just as quickly.

You’ll probably see that your erection is bigger than your usual manhood. This is because the pump is able to pull more blood into your penis using pressure than your heart naturally can and this is where the increase in size comes in.

What happens is that by pulling more blood into the penis you are stretching the skin cells and causing ever-so tiny micro tears to the penis. Then by holding the blood in your penis for up to 5 minutes you’re keeping all that fresh nutritional blood in, widening the blood vessels and almost creating a ‘memory’ of a larger erection.

The use of a pump is super-helpful when it comes to overall sexual confidence!

You’ll have this ‘memory’ for around 2 hours after pumping, so if you get a natural erection during this time the blood will refill the vessels the same, making you look and feel more engorged.

So even if you’re not necessarily looking for enlargement, the use of a pump is super-helpful when it comes to stronger erections and overall sexual confidence!

Going back to the topic of penis enlargement, you’d want to follow the above 3 x 5-minute process (no more than 5 days a week). After around 60 days you should begin to see a permanent change to the penis.

We say permanent but it’s important to think of it like the gym – you can change your body in the gym but if you don’t maintain some level of exercise you will lose some of the changes. We recommend doing a 3 x 5-minute session every 2 weeks to maintain your desired size once reached.

So, which pump should you choose?

The pump to choose depends on your existing erect penis size. Measure your length and girth and based on that you can determine which pumps are suitable for you.

Bathmate pumps increase in 2″ increments, so you want to aim for the one closest to your size. For example, if you’re 6.2” erect you’ll want to go with a 7 pump as you’re more than 5” but less than 7”.

Bathmate’s entry-level pump Hydro only comes in the one size, 7, which is suitable for erect penises between 5” and 7” in length as this is the world’s most common erect penis size.

Bathmate pumps increase in 2″ increments, so you want to aim for the one closest to your size.

Up from the Hydro is the HydroMax, which is available in 3, 5, 7, 7 Wideboy and 9. Quick note here, the 7 Wideboy is the same length as a 7 and girth as a 9, so designed for the thicker-set gentleman.

The HydroMax also has a removable comfort insert, a locking valve and 35 per cent more power than the Hydro.

Then, up from the HydroMax is the HydroXtreme. This model comes in 3, 5, 7, 7 Wideboy, 9 and the 11.

The HydroXtreme has the same specifics as a HydroMax except it comes with a full accessories kit and includes a handball attachment. The handball attaches to the pump and gives a different way of pumping to the user.

Instead of pulling back on the body to create the connection you simply squeeze the handball which will pull the water out the pump (and out through the handball) which will ‘pull you’ up the pump.

This is especially recommended for users who have had any level of surgery or medical problems around the hip/groin area (always speak to your doctor first in these situations) or those who are weaker in their core.

man holding pumpman holding pumpBathmate pumps use water not air to deliver results.

Are pumps safe?

Bathmate pumps are completely safe to use because they are rigorously tested before leaving the factory in the UK. The FDA set a legal limit for pressure on the body and Bathmate pumps reach exactly that limit.

Bathmate also use the highest quality materials for building pumps, even a bulletproof plastic on the vessel again for safety (but do not try shooting your penis pump!).

Level up your pumping routine!

When using your Bathmate pump, it is recommended that your are trimmed back as much as possible to help create the best seal onto the skin and essentially the best results.

You don’t have to be completely hairless, but aim to be quite short. Try using something like a Bathmate Trim. This is a set containing 4 length heads and a precision cutter for all-over hair trimming and is USB-rechargeable, making it an ideal travel bag essential!

So if you’re looking for a penis pump to help you increase in size, experience stronger erections and an improved sex drive, consider a Bathmate!

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