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Grinding toys to use during penetrative sex


I am looking for a toy to use for grinding (for myself, a vulva owner) to use during penetrative sex with my penis having partner. I’m picturing something that sits on his pelvis and when I’m not riding up and down I can lean forward a bit and grind against.

I’d also like for it to be useable elsewhere on his body (like against his thigh), or even against the bed, pillow etc, so something like a cock ring toy isn’t what I am looking for. I’ve seen cool grinding mats that interest me but I’m not sure how they fit on a pelvis.

Vibrations would be a plus.

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2 thoughts on “Grinding toys to use during penetrative sex

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Godemiche makes a [grind ring] that is intended to be used exactly how you describe, and NS Novelties also makes although it doesn’t have the customization options that Godemiche offers. I haven’t used these particular toys so I can’t say how well they’d work on other parts of the body, but since they have flat backs I’d imagine they’d work well on top of a thigh or something similar.

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    I had a gf in college that would use my pelvic bone to grind against. It was so painful but I would just let her do her thing to finish. A toy would’ve been nice for her ha

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