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my big daddy

My Big Daddy

As a self-love advocate, I love to encourage women to nurture the relationship they have with their bodies and strongly support the need for women to love and accept their genitals just as they are. A recent customer coming into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre highlighted something I have noticed for some time now and that is the shame many women carry when it comes to the size of their vagina. For some women with wider vagina canals, my big daddy dildo is perfect.

(Anatomy lesson 101- The vagina is the canal in which sexual intercourse occurs –  The vulva defines the outside genitalia of a women i.e. the inner and outer labia & clitoris – There are different types of vaginas)

This female customer bought a reasonably sized, girthy dildo and came back not too much later in the evening to purchase a larger one. She was embarrassed to ask but eventually opened up discussing having children and needing a big sex toy to experience greater pleasure with her partner.

My Experience Handling Large Dildos

Now this certainly was not the first large dildo I had sold and I highly doubt that she is the only woman to have a vagina that can take a girthy cock. I assured her that I carried no judgements but felt bothered with the fact that she believed she needed to be embarrassed admitting this.

Claiming someone is “loose” or has a “loose vagina” is often said in a derogatory manner with the intention of shaming someone either for the shape of their body or for their sexual behaviours. I cringe when I hear insults related to women’s’ bodies as whether we are conscious of it or not, it buys into the idea that our bodies are something to hide and feel bad about (Calling a weak man a “pussy” for example- If you ask me, I think they should be proud of being referred to as a pussy). I think many people forget that because of the capacity of the vagina to expand they could be birthed into this world!

Sex Toy: Big Daddy Side View

Receiving a Mr Hankey Big Daddy Dildo to review reminded me of the customer who had shame around buying a large dildo mainly because I would have loved to have sold her one of these amazing sex toys! I don’t think there should not be any embarrassment in buying larger dildos’, with different body types meaning some people are more suited to using them then others-simple as that!

What Are Mr Hankey’s Toys Known For?

Mr. Hankey’s Toys specializes in large, huge and giant silicone dildos, with a variety of extremely unique sex toys in there range. The Big Daddy comes in four sizes, the small (if you can call it that) coming in at 10 inches of insertable length, the medium 11.5 inches, the large 13 inches and the XXXL 14.5 inches.

These dildos are made from platinum silicone which is a non-porous and body-safe material. Many of the large realistic feel dildos are made from PVC or TPR which, as well as having a horrible plastic smell, are porous materials and will break down over time. Platinum silicone is very easy to clean with spray or foam sex toy cleaner and can be used with silicone lubricants, not just water based like many other sex toys. The feel of these sex toys is extremely realistic which is different than many of the other silicone sex toys in store. It is squishy with a slight drag to it and can be bended to hit the right spots.

Size Range Of Big Daddy By Mr Hankey Toys
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The base on the Mr Hankey Big Daddy is round and wide which is easy to hold onto and safe if used for anal play. This sex toy is available with or without a Vac-U-Lock hole so is compatible to be used as a strap on or with a suction base. The only thing I would say about using it as a strap on dildo is that due to the size and weight of these sex toys, you would need quite a sturdy strap on harness to keep it in place.

Did You Know They Can Be Attached For Stap On Use?

There are larger metal rings compatible with these larger sex toys to purchase on The Mr Hankey website and they also have a link to purchase custom made harnesses. In case you forgot how to access their site, it is printed on the base of the dildo!

The Big Daddy is available in 3 colours, Natural Tan, Deep Brown or Black, suitable for a range of unique tastes. These colours come in a medium firm texture, with the Natural Tan also available in 75% Soft texture. The 75% Soft texture is described as similar to a penis that is 75-85% erect whilst the Medium Firm is fully erect.  The realistic detail of this dildo is amazing, with the pronounced head and veins creating a texture for increased stimulation.

I think it is so great to have large realistic dildos made from quality materials like this platinum silicone and couldn’t recommend Mr Hankey Toys enough because of this. If you are looking for a visually appealing range of huge dildos then Mr Hankey have you covered.  And if there is desire for a dildo of this size to be used for sexual play, I say shift away from that shame and embrace your body just as it is!

Why My Big Daddy Is The Toy For You

Mr. Hankey’s Big Daddy dildo stands out for its sensational girth and quality. Women seeking larger dildos shouldn’t feel shame; embracing one’s body is vital. Mr. Hankey’s Toys, known for their large, realistic platinum silicone dildos, offer unparalleled safety and satisfaction. The Big Daddy, available in multiple sizes and colors, provides a realistic feel and superior design. Whether for vaginal or anal play, it’s a reliable choice. So, embrace your desires, and choose the best with Mr. Hankey’s Big Daddy

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave



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