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Gear Up and Love Yourself—Celebrate Masturbation Month with

how to make a man cry

This is the most pleasant month of the year – Masturbation Month, in which we celebrate the freedom to explore our bodies, and, yeeees, to have an orgasm, or two, three, four, five…


how to make a man cry

It may sound strange when you hear that someone celebrates masturbation, right? But let’s be honest, to have an orgasm means that you will enjoy strong sensations, your skin will bliss, your body will shake and dance, and your immune system will probably be grateful. If nothing from above, you will be calm, happy, and relaxed.

From its inception in 1995, Masturbation Month has been adopted and practised all over the world, ending on May 28th – Masturbation Day. While it has become a light-hearted celebration of all things self-pleasing, the holiday was actually created on a more serious note after American Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired in 1994 by President Clinton for suggesting that masturbation be added to sexual health and education curriculums.

Check out only a handful of the toys that are currently on sale:

It’s LELO’s notorious best-seller for many reasons. Its best feature is driven by SenSonic technology, which basically means that instead of being an ordinary “clit sucker”, it actually sends pulses into the vulva and creates intensely pleasurable sensations.

Compared to the first-generation SONA, SONA 2 contains a wider range of intensities, 4 additional pulsation modes, and a wider mouth to accompany more anatomy. Start off slow and listen to what your body craves, because a slight hover may be enough to set you over the edge.



TOR 2 penis ringTOR 2 penis ring

For more intense shared pleasure, a vibrating cock ring can add so much more sensation and elevate intimacy to new levels. When worn, TOR 2 provides a gentle constriction around the base of the penis providing a harder erection, while the powerful vibrating motor sends these sensations all throughout the shaft for a whole other layer of stimulation to be enjoyed by both partners.



f1s hole for insertionf1s hole for insertion

Penis friends, we didn’t forget about you. Valentine’s day is a day for everyone to get it on. The F1S V2 masturbator harnesses sex tech into an app-connected device that allows users to change the intensity of the same sonic technology that exists in the SONA.

It’s designed to penetrate deep into the penis and what’s better? It comes with an SDK kit that developers can use to create their own pleasure patterns. And even if you aren’t a developer, you can test out the pleasure patterns of other creators. The F1S V2 allows you to track your sexual progress and performance so that you can achieve bigger and better orgasms.



Gear Up and Love Yourself—Celebrate Masturbation Month with GIGI 2Gear Up and Love Yourself—Celebrate Masturbation Month with GIGI 2

One of the absolute must-haves for anyone’s toy collection, the GIGI 2 stands as an improved version of the iconic G-spot massager. It features a specially-designed tip that applies sensations more directly to the frontal wall of the vagina, which many people report as a highly pleasurable erogenous zone (aka the G-spot). When you want to switch things up, the unique shape of GIGI 2 is also great for external clitoral massage.


summer Adult Toy salesummer Adult Toy sale


the morning after erotic storythe morning after erotic story

Step 1: See It Before You Feel It

Yes, just like you read it. If you are capable to visualize and feel the orgasm coming, you should do it. Very often. How to do it? Find yourself a perfect, quiet spot, and go to any position you like. Breath, close your eyes and think about the person you like. You can also think about the most amazing orgasm you had in your life. Or someone’s voice, smell, smile…  While you visualize, your body will start to wake up and you will feel sensations down below.

Step 2: Use All Your Tools and Toys

Hands, panties, sex toys, it will all help. You can start with one and finish with the other. The most important thing is to have something close to your crotch! You can start by gently touching your body, and make a grand finale with sex toys. You can use toys for different parts of your body, different erogenous zones. Do not be afraid, explore.

Step 3: Invite Your Partner to Join

Why don’t you try it with a company? If you are not an introvert, do not try to impress yourself with solo play. Ask your partner to join the game, and you can both explore… each other.

Step 4: Repetition is the Mother of Learning

There is nothing else to say – repeat for as long as you want. And please remember, enjoy the process, not the orgasm itself. And don’t overstress! With this mindset you are sure to have your orgasm(s) after all, being fully relaxed and mindful about pleasure’s build-up.

You can change the order, swap steps one and two, or combine several at the same time. You will have to take care of your partner yourself, but if you need help with choosing a sex toy, LELO will have your back (with great discounts up to 80%).

MAYsturbation is a month dedicated entirely to self-love and self-sex. So go ahead, touch yourself.


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