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Fuze Harmony – Get Strapped In With It Now!

Fuze Harmony

Fuze Harmony

Introducing the Fuze Harmony, a versatile and innovative sex toy designed by the renowned company Fuze. The Fuze Harmony combines ergonomic design with high-quality, body-safe silicone for ultimate comfort and pleasure. Its unique shape provides both internal and external stimulation, catering to diverse preferences.

Features Of This Toy

With a strong focus on user experience, Fuze Harmony offers multiple vibration settings for customized enjoyment. This toy is compatible with most bullet vibrators, enhancing its versatility. Whether for solo play or partnered activities, the Fuze Harmony elevates intimate moments, ensuring satisfaction and excitement. Discover the perfect balance of form and function with Fuze Harmony.

The Make And Model

The Fuze Harmony screams luxury as soon as you pull it out of it’s modern and simplistic packaging. Made from 100% medical grade silicone – this toy feels divine to touch. Even though the coat is very glossy, the material is not “grabby”. It feels sleek and polished and when paired with your favourite lubricant feels marvelous.

Harmony is extremely flexible and can be bent and curved into your most erogenous zones with ease. Harmony is contoured to the natural curves of your body and boasts a slight rippled texture along the shaft for added stimulation. The natural trajectory of Harmony makes it ideal for G-Spot stimulation.

Compatible With Other Toys

Another reason why this toy is fantastic, is that it is compatible with your favourite bullet vibe. Whilst the we-vibe tango is incredible, (by playing around before writing this review), I discovered it is a little too long to fit into the allowed space comfortably. It does fit but it hangs out of the end and could easily get in the way when in use. Especially so if using this toy with a harness. For this reason, my favourite choice of bullet vibe when using this toy is Nu’s Sensuelle Joie, which I previously wrote a review on.

The Perfect Size

It is the perfect size for the space provided and fits in nice and snug. When I turned on the Joie inside the Harmony, I was completely taken aback at how much power you could feel through the silicone. I thought that a lot of the rumble would be muffled through the silicone. This wasn’t the case at all! There was little to no noise and the vibrations where felt equally. From the base of the shaft, all the way to the tip of the toy and even in the curved base – amazing!

Harmony By Fuze

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Having a space for you to include your own bullet vibe is a fantastic idea on fuze’s part (well done fuze!!). This toy can now literally last you a life time. None of that battery dying and having to replace a whole toy. If you take care of your Harmony with regular cleaning procedures and store her correctly, it is designed to last you a lifetime.  So not only is Harmony great for solo play, she is also suitable for harness play. My favourite harness is Sex and Mischiefs

The Harness Revolution

Harmony fits perfectly into the comfortable Harness Revolution and makes for endless couples play. I personally find Harmony great for lesbian couples who want to engage in harness play without wanting to use something “that looks like an angry large penis” (this is a literal explanation someone gave me the other day, hilarious). The Harness Revolution is both sexy and comfortable – two things everyone looks for in a good quality harness.

The Joie also fits into the Harmony whilst in use with this harness. The curve of the base of Harmony is contoured to fit every body. As mentioned earlier, the vibrations are also strongly felt in the base of the toy meaning the vibrations are shared between both partners when used in a harness.

The Dimensions Of The Fuze Harmony Laid Out

Harmony’s shaft dimensions are Fuze’s most popular size (1.25″ x 6.5″). This makes her perfect for the majority of vaginal users. It also is ideal for the more experienced at pegging. AND FINALLY, did I mention that the base of this toy is heavily textured and the perfect shape to use externally for clitoral stimulation AS WELL AS the toys other functions.

Available in jet black or vibrant purple (pictured below) I think it’s clear to see that I could literally gush about this dildo for years, I love it. So much so that I’m having lots of difficulty (and don’t think I can) fault it.  Fuze knows that not all vaginas are the same and has a large range of dildo’s differing in size, shape, firmness of silicone and even texture. So if maybe the Harmony isn’t for you, you can guarantee that they will have another model that is suited PERFECTLY to your body.

About The Fuze Company

Fuze is a Canadian company that produces sex toys. Each item is lovingly crafted with attention to every detail from the silky soft touch and smooth silicone to the ergonomic shapes that work in harmony with your body. Fuze knows that one size does not necessarily fit all, so our models come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, firmness of silicone, and even surface texture. A focus on quality over quantity allows Fuze to create the very best toys, beautifully crafted to last and provide pleasure for many years to come.

The amazing quality of Fuze toys allows us to offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. Style and function fuse together to stimulate your sexual senses.

This is the manufacturers product description – The Harmony is the first toy as versatile as you are, equally at home with either solo play or harness play. The 1 1/4” diameter is the most popular size, perfect for the majority of vaginal users and ideal for the more experienced at pegging. The discreet rippling along the shaft adds to the stimulation, without being overpowering.

  • Shaft Dimensions 1 1/4″ x 6 1/2″
  • Available in jet black and vibrant purple
  • High Shine Surface

Final Thoughts

The Fuze Harmony is a versatile, high-quality sex toy, perfect for solo or partnered play. Its ergonomic design and body-safe silicone ensure comfort and pleasure. With multiple vibration settings and compatibility with bullet vibrators, it caters to diverse needs. Experience enhanced intimacy and satisfaction with the Fuze Harmony, a luxurious addition to any intimate collection.









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