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Flapping G-spot toy, weirdly, reminds me of the Pure Wand


Finally got one of these G-spot vibrators with the insertable, flutter / flapping / tapping tongue a couple months ago.

It is ***really fast***; too fast to count how it flicks.

The G-spot stimulation is much stronger than I expected.

The tongue is so precisely targeting, I started thinking about the Njoy Pure Wand’s smaller bulb, and its impact.

Of the hundreds of vibrating shafts I’ve tested over the last 7 years, I can’t recall any other that’s so insistently focused on the spot. It gives me an immediate “have to pee” feeling — a trademark of good G-spot stim. — once it’s fully inserted and flying away. (You pass through the feeling quickly.)

Like with any toy, of course there will be folks this is a big “no go” for: namely, anyone who’s really sensitive to G-spot targeting. Browse all my cons + the Flapper’s good point listed out in the complete review, along with flappy-motion pics:


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