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first time anal, best position and other questions.


i bought my first dildo today, 6in suction cup, and i’m wondering what the best way to start out is. should i try to slowly ride, put it on the wall and doggy, knees up laying on my back or something else? also i know people say lots of lube so questions about that too. how much is a lot? the dildo came with a free 1oz bottle, i assume that’ll last me a couple rounds right? and can water based lube stain bedsheets?

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One thought on “first time anal, best position and other questions.

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Whatever position makes you feel the most relaxed. Usually on your back with your knees toward your chest will relax your pelvic floor the most. You can lube your finger and insert it first to help loosen you up – just make sure your nails are short and well filed. You can slightly/gently push out like you are having a BM – just don’t bare down or you can give yourself a hemorrhoid. Remember to go slow and pain is never okay – 1 out of 10 uncomfortable is fine.

    Water based lube shouldn’t stain sheets.

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