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Fathers Day. Sex Toys And Pleasure

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shutterstock 653099779 500x310 1

Father’s Day is here! It’s time to chat about what Daddy REALLY wants.

We live in an ever-growing society of “sex-obsessed” society. Sex is flourishing and so are sex toys. And, let us not forget that MEN LOVE sex toys too.

Besides building a healthy relationship with your partner, sex toys are excellent for flying solo.

Orgasms’ release  all those oxytocin’s, endorphins and feel good hormones. that give us a spring in our step.

Fleshligt Quickshot Autumn Falls

It doesn’t get better than Fleshlight. Known for their male masturbators.

Quickshot is a nifty masturbator that lets your partner enjoy and join in the fun.

Open on both ends allows for some exciting oral play, while stroking. Autumn Falls Quickshot has both butt and vagina molded from this Lastino lover.

fleshlight quickshot autumn falls 3 600x600 1fleshlight quickshot autumn falls 3 600x600 1

Pick your poison!

Tenga Hard Boiled 2

Tenga Eggs look small, but they pack a punch of pleasure.

The Hard Boiled 2 is new and exciting with a variety to choose from. The set of six is ideal for those who love hard pleasure.

Tailor made to fit any size. The super-stretchy adapts seamlessly to any size ensuring intense stimulation and pleasure from base to tip.

Tenga hard boiled 2Tenga hard boiled 2


Oxballs creates new and innovative sex toys geared toward men and the way men love to play. They are hard driven and fearless. Ranging from thick juicy muscle slings, cock-rings and bum fun items that will please any gent who is not afraid to explore unrelenting pleasure.

I personally love the The Muscle Bandit. The slim fit, ripped on the inside, for extra pleasure. The solid tip ensures that you reach all those sweet spots.

Designed to sling over the nuts ensuring it will stay in place and give maximum pleasure to both parties.

muscle bandit cocksheathmuscle bandit cocksheath

Rocks Off – Rude Boy Xtreme

Rude Boy Extreme is deep prostate and perineum massager, with powerful stimulation.

This prostate massager has dual independent motors with 10 deep rumbly vibration and pulsation levels.

Use the remote control or hand over the power to your partner.

Rude Boy Extreme has a velvety soft feel and will flex as you move.

A definite must for prostate pleasure seekers.

rocks off rude boy xtreme 4 250x250 1rocks off rude boy xtreme 4 250x250 1

Oxballs Squeeze Ball Stretcher

Squeeze is a thick and rubbery ball stretcher designed to stretch over your sack comfortably.

Made from Oxballs signature FLEXpr so it is super stretchy yet soft enough to cling onto your junk like a second skin.

Each end is topped with a padded ring that pushes down onto the balls, pushing them away from your body.

The soft material and ergo-curved design make SQUEEZE the perfect stretcher.

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Hover over the picture to read more on ball stretching and other sexy kinks for men!

Bathmate Hydro Pumps

It does not get better than Bathmate penis pumps to get your hump on.

Using a penis pump has so many more benefits than penis enlargement, Although that always a good place to start.

Using a penis pump is non invasive and can be used with other treatment plans for penis enlargement.

Using a Bathmate Penis Pump spreads the pressure more evenly than an air penis pump.  This is said to be safer.

Use daily  for a typical outcome and get to enjoy the bigger and fuller erection at least 30 minutes.

Include your Bathmate cock ring to ensure that the erection is strong and hardy to use with your partner.

bathmate banner 500x800bathmate banner 500x800

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