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Exploring Adult Product Categories for Enhanced Intimacy


Unveiling the Potential of the Van-Vincent Compound

Premature ejaculation, a common concern, often stems from the concealed state of the glans during non-aroused periods. Research by experts reveals that the mucous membrane of the glans, shielded by the foreskin, experiences heightened sensitivity. Upon erection, the glans becomes exposed during sexual activity, leading to premature ejaculation due to increased friction. A potential solution lies in a specialized spray, featuring the Van-Vincent compound. This spray introduces a mild anesthetic effect, extending the duration of copulation by forming a protective keratin layer on the glans surface, akin to calluses on hands. Remarkably, this addresses premature ejaculation without the need for medication.

Elevating Stimulation with Innovative Products

1. Coronal Groove Ring

An elastic ring with protruding stimulants, affixed beneath the glans’s coronal groove, enhances sexual stimulation.

2. Penile Sheath

Crafted from silicone, this sheath enlarges and lengthens the penis while offering protruding stimulants, intensifying pleasure.

3. Contraceptives with Stimulants

Designed to augment and intensify vaginal stimulation, facilitating easier orgasm attainment in females.

Lubricants: A Key to Comfort and Pleasure

Tailored for those with insufficient arousal or post-menopausal women, lubricants reduce discomfort during intercourse. Ideal for individuals with limited sexual experience or high mental tension, these products ease penile insertion. Some lubricants also incorporate stimulating ingredients, positioning them as specialized products in the realm of adult entertainment.

Masturbation Aids: Pleasure on Demand

Catering to both men and women, masturbation devices offer an excellent outlet for those without sexual partners. Recognizing sexual impulses as a form of energy, these aids prove helpful in various scenarios, including long-distance relationships. Notably, the primary consumers of female-oriented products are currently men.

The Allure of Intimate Apparel

Blending visual stimulation with sexual pleasure, intimate apparel has become a symbol of elevated material life, satisfying spiritual needs. While already prevalent in Western countries, its acceptance is gradually growing in China with improving living standards. Intimate apparel, a derivative of conventional underwear, emphasizes “sexiness” to create visual stimulation for diverse sensory pleasures.

Beyond Intimacy: Exploring Adult and Health Products

Encompassing products to enhance sexual interest, aids, and items for specific preferences (e.g., BDSM equipment), this category caters to a wide range of desires. From adult aids to intimate apparel, these products redefine personal expression and satisfaction.


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