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A Playfully Sensual Adult Simulation Game of Campus Life

Headshots of each of the College Craze adult simulation game characters

Ever feel the urge to slowly slip away and lose yourself into a life of passion and anticipation? I do occasionally. Not that anything is lacking in my life, but isn’t it perfectly normal to want to shake up the mundane and sprinkle a bit of excitement into the everyday routine? 

Sure, watching a movie can temporarily transport you to another world. Reading lets you dive even deeper into the more complex emotions and feelings of a narrative. But these forms of entertainment often keep you at a spectator’s distance, never quite allowing you to fully immerse your psyche – until you try an adult simulation game.


Headshots of each of the College Craze adult simulation game characters


When the type of escape you’re looking for is lewd and involves lots of lube, adult simulators offer a much more immersive and intimate experience. They allow you to insert yourself into a story in a whole new way – giving you the ability to interact with and influence the story and its characters. 

Personally, I’ve never been much into online games, except the occasional Words With Friends match with a long-distance gal pal. And I’ve typically steered clear of adult simulators when seeking personal pleasure. Most presented themselves as being designed for the male gaze and lacked multifaceted characters and storylines that I could really sink my teeth into.

However, after playing College Craze my view on adult games has completely changed. College Craze is the perfect toe-dip into the waters of sexy simulators. It distinguishes itself from its more crass counterparts by intertwining steamy encounters with a deep narrative and intricately developed character arcs. Setting a new standard in the genre, it cleverly blends erotic exploration with the college campus lifestyle in a way that makes it excellent for beginners.

Ahead, I’ll give you all the dirty details of my experience as a baby adult gamer navigating a complex web of relationships, forging deep connections, making friends, teasing teachers, hooking up with bad boys, exploring my sexual agency, and embracing academia along the way.


A collection of screenshots from adult simulation game College CrazeA collection of screenshots from adult simulation game College Craze


Deepest Character Depth in Adult Simulation

As stated, one of the game’s strong suits lies in its compelling characters and your conversations with them, each one revealing more about their complexities and desires. Unlike many of its peers, College Craze truly respects its cast, weaving each personal story into the big picture without reducing any character to mere erotic function.

From the very beginning, the game presents you with choices that significantly impact your journey. One of the earliest decisions involves a conversation with your high school bestie as you move into your dorm. The choice you’re presented with is about revealing your recent roll in the sheets with a high school sweetheart or choosing to remain a virgin. 

This decision-making process doesn’t just affect immediate outcomes but reverberates through subsequent encounters, enriching the narrative and seeping into the remainder of your gameplay. 

However, I think it’s important to note that no matter what you choose, you will never be shamed for your sexuality, whether you choose to explore as many partners as you can or none at all, there are no negative consequences.


A female College Craze character fingering another female character on a bedA female College Craze character fingering another female character on a bed


Empowering Sexual Exploration 

In fact, one of the most refreshing and impressive things about College Craze is how it manages to authentically capture early sexual experiences – from uncertainty about your sexual responses to the profound discovery of personal pleasure. It encourages players to understand their bodies’ capabilities beyond traditional experiences, emphasizing that sexual pleasure doesn’t always have to be a shared experience but can be a personal one used to explore your “turn-ons” and “turn-offs” in privacy and without external influence. 

However, that’s not to say that external devices, like sex toys, are off limits, as the brilliant inclusion of a cute little bullet vibrator (much like my first toy) opens up doors to some of the most intimate moments I experienced in the game.

Speaking of firsts, college Craze does a great job exploring the art of sensual discovery. It treats its erotic scenes with a refreshing honesty, capturing the awkward, exhilarating first steps into sexuality that many of us remember all too well. The game champions self-exploration, suggesting that the most intimate discoveries often come alone. This narrative isn’t just sexy; it’s empowering, teaching players to embrace their desires without shame.


College Craze censorship screenCollege Craze censorship screen


Sex Positive Gameplay Freedom

With a keen focus on consent and female empowerment, the game positions itself as a forward-thinking leader in a genre fraught with objectifying content. Women lead from the front, both in its creation and within its stories, crafting a gameplay experience that respects its audience and characters alike.

It’s not just about the sex, though. Overall, you truly have the freedom to explore whichever avenue you prefer in College Craze. In the game, three main markers track your progress while you play. 

One marker is how much money you have, one marker is your body count, and the remaining marker is your GPA. So, whether you’re in it for cash, chasing that perfect 4.0 GPA, or exploring a web of romance, the game caters to all. Each playthrough can be a fresh exploration of desires with virtually limitless connections and outcomes.


A dialogue scenario in adult simulation game College CrazeA dialogue scenario in adult simulation game College Craze


Hot Dialogue and Enhanced Interactions

During my playthrough, things got seriously steamy pretty quickly. One  moment you’re grabbing a coffee and the next you’re watching your best friend get railed in the storage room. It wasn’t just hot, though; the scene added some juicy drama and realness to the characters’ lives, making everything feel more intense and connected.

Shortly after, there’s a shower scene where you get to choose if you want to masturbate or not. This choice is great because it lets you shape how your character explores their own desires, making each playthrough super personal and even a bit daring.

As the game heats up, you find yourself diving into even more adventurous scenarios like making out with new friends or giving a cheeky flash to your extracurricular group. And these moments aren’t just for kicks; they pull you deeper into the game’s social sphere, where every flirty choice can influence your relationships and reputation. 

Now for the absolute star of the game. The dialogue. Oh. My. God. It is seriously hot. 

The words themselves are a form of foreplay (as they should be!), expertly building anticipation and drawing you deeper into each naughty adventure. Each word drips with desire, quickly turning seemingly simple chats into steamy invitations.

If you play your cards right, you could find yourself between two of your classmates, thinking, “It’s all theirs, I don’t feel like I’m in my body anymore. Every movement, every rough tug and pull and kiss is just a reminder of what I am right now. Theirs”.

Like I said, this game knows how to dirty talk.


Two College Craze characters naked and pressed togetherTwo College Craze characters naked and pressed together


Advanced Features and Anticipation

If you’re looking to take a step further than simply reading dialogue, subscribing to Pretty Pink’s Patreon—the developers behind College Craze—elevates the experience significantly. This subscription allows you to engage in what could best be described as phone sex with one of the game’s most enigmatic characters. Their voice, a captivating blend of silky and husky tones, sends shivers down your spine as they whisper each tantalizing detail, making it feel as though they are right there with you.

Looking ahead, the game is set to intensify the experience by introducing actual dates, which promise more intimate interactions. This new feature will add a strategic layer to your social engagements, turning each decision into an exhilarating step further into the depths of relationship dynamics, if that’s your cup of tea.


A screenshot of two College Craze characters having sex, pornographicA screenshot of two College Craze characters having sex, pornographic


Final Thoughts

Playing College Craze offers a truly immersive escape, whether you’re in the mood for some light PG-13 exploration of your desires or ready to delve into more risqué encounters that warrant locking the bedroom door.

Throughout my experience, I found myself repeatedly backtracking, saving, and replaying scenes to discover all the various paths available. The options seemed endless, with each decision leading to a new, uncharted branch of the story. 

This freedom to explore allowed me to tailor the adventure to my own preferences and curiosities, ensuring that every playthrough was unique and satisfying. Each choice opened up fresh avenues and introduced different dynamics and interactions, making it feel like the possibilities were truly limitless.

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