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Danni Jones Gets Splashy in New Blush Erotica VR Release, ‘A

Danni Jones

Blush Erotica VR zooms in on a sun-soaked fantasy with the release of “A Day at the Beach”, featuring the BEVR debut of Danni Jones.

Danni is feeling fabulous, enjoying the coastal bliss of the crystal waters from her cabana chair – and she’s got a lustful eye on the boys that cross her path… particularly the young and handsome Artemis, who’s been serving Danni’s every whim on this glorious day. And now, with Artemis wrapped around her finger, things are about to get a lot more fun…

“Danni Jones was introduced to us through a mutual fan, and we couldn’t have been happier when she expressed interest in working with us,” said Blush Erotica owner Stacy Lyle. “Artemis is one of our favorite people in general, and we were thrilled to have both of these great talents together. The chemistry between Danni and Artemis was fun and super-hot! We would love to shoot them again.”

Jones commented, “I absolutely loved shooting for Blush Erotica in my first ever VR scene! They are the most amazing people who took the time to teach me the ropes of how to shoot VR and their script idea was so hot!! I felt so at ease with them from the moment I met them, and look forward to shooting more scenes for them in the near future! Make sure to check out my VR debut for them.”

Artemis enthused of the production, “I love working with Blush Erotica! Every shoot is immersive and dazzling each time I work with them. Danni’s performance was outstanding, with a body I couldn’t resist. Both the Blush team and Danni went above and beyond to keep me in a great head space to perform at my peak potential. I’d work with Danni again and again if presented the opportunity and Blush Erotica will forever be my home studio!”

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