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Damage from nipple suction – update/question


I played with a new play partner a week ago and we used nipple suckers/suction cups on my breasts. This is the first time I have ever played with those. We used them for maybe ten minutes, then took a break, then put them back on for maybe fifteen minutes tops. I wasn’t in a lot of pain or anything like that. When I took them off, my nipples were enlarged and protruding (my nipples are naturally flat; not inverted, but they only get erect/protrude when it’s cold or if I’m aroused).

However, now (a week later) my nipples are still protruding and constantly erect. They aren’t painful or sore. Are they likely to go back to how they were before (flat) or are they likely to stay protruding forever? I really do not want them to protrude like this forever! But I know that nipple suckers can permanently “correct” inverted nipples; I’m wondering if they permanently “corrected” my flat ones too. Has anyone had a similar issue before?

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