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Cleaning Nightmare


So as in the title, I need some cleaning advice from the people of this subreddit! To keep it short and sweet, I had a nightmare scenario play out. I had just used my freshly gotten Tenga spinner (had 2-3 uses before this incident) and it went well. Now, after I’m done, it’s late and I’m tired and I’ve got work in the morning. So, I thought to just wait until the morning and wash it when I wake up. Following this, I am woken up by a family emergency at around 4ish in the morning, so on about 4 hours of sleep my precious new toy had slipped my mind! To save some details and length, cue a six day saga of hotels and stress etc, and only when I return home do I see my poor Tenga in its case where I left it after using it. Now when I opened this case, oh my god the smell was terrible. (it was quite the hot and humid week here) I tried washing it out normally with water and a little bit of light soap but to no avail, the smell remains. I come asking for help escaping the effects of this nightmare, anything is appreciated.

TLDR: new-ish Tenga spinner ruined via being left out after use for ~6 days, smell is terrible, please help

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