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‘Cheapest thing I’ve ever seen’

‘Cheapest thing I’ve ever seen’

Wedding guests objected to these “cheap” party favors.

Most people expect to receive traditional wedding favors such as bottle openers, shot glasses or tasty treats, but newlyweds Caleb and Lexi thanked their wedding guests with unique gifts that many people online slammed as “salty.”

“Is that a wedding favor or flavor?” one person wrote online.

Before the couple got married on Jun. 8 in Encinitas, Calif, the blushing bride curated personalized small jars of Mediterranean sea salt for her guests.

The couple found the idea to be cute and shared it online, not expecting so much backlash. Instagram/lexifranksnappi

In a 27-second clip uploaded on her TikTok account @lexifranksnappi, Lexi, 24, demonstrates how she assembled the heartfelt DIY trinkets by pouring a cup of salt into the glass bottles and slapping on a label.

“A little sea salt for all my favorite people,” Lexi captioned the clip, posted on Jun. 18, with 2 million views.

While the Orange County hair stylist was elated to share the “cute wedding favor idea” online, many people found it to be a cheap offering.

Caleb and Lexi gifted their guest with a jar of sea salt. TikTok/@lexifranksnappi
Lexi demonstrated the process behind her salty wedding favors. TikTok/@lexifranksnappi

“You got your guests salt,” wrote one person. “This is the cheapest thing i’ve ever seen.”

“I would be so confused lol , do I add it to my food, do I throw it at you like rice, do I rim my margarita with it, what’s it for lol,” chuckled a jokester.

“Is there some cultural significance to this? I live in Australia so not sure if I’m missing a tradition from another country?” questioned an Australian.

The blushing bride was mocked for being “cheap.” Instagram/lexifranksnappi

Meanwhile, some viewers revealed they received similar quirky gifts.

“My sister and [brother-in-law] did olive oil bc he worked for an olive oil company. Everyone loved it,” admitted a TikToker.

“We got mini jars of honey at the last wedding we went to,” added another. “My husband and I did this with pink Himalayan salt at our wedding, and everyone loved it!”

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