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Buyer beware: text impact paddles by Ouch!/Shots Toys


“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

I’m ashamed to report that I made the same mistake twice, but perhaps you can learn from my mistake…

In April, [as I reported on this very sub]( I bought not one but two impact paddles by Ouch!, which is a sub-brand of Shots Toys. These were items I was looking forward to and the store I bought them is a reputable one. All’s good, right? Well, it turned out that despite being literally brand new and still in their original package, they had an awful smell to them. Despite many attempts, several weeks later I just had to throw away both paddles, as the stench persisted…and I didn’t. 🤕

Fast-forward to last Monday or so, my horny dumb ass decided to order **yet another** one of those paddles…this time I opted for a [“glow in the dark” paddle]( from a different store which operates in multiple countries. It’s still an Ouch!/Shots Toys product, sadly. It took a bit too long for the paddle to arrive, but when it did and I opened the awfully thin package…I noticed an awfully familiar smell. **Again**. 🤮🤮🤮

Now, I can with certainty say that this is **not** an issue with **all** faux leather items or even all faux leather items by Ouch!/Shots Toys, but based on my personal experience, all of these impact paddles by Ouch!/Shots Toys **are**, pardon me for the pun, impacted. 💥 For comparison: I own [this forced orgasm belt, made of faux leather, by Ouch!/Shots Toys]( and it’s fine, smell-wise; likewise, the [You2Toys Bad Kitty “Spank Me” paddle]( has no weird smell either. Or this [MOI-Amsterdam paddle without text]( for that matter, it also looks and feels fine. 🤔

For all intents and purposes, these paddles by Ouch!/Shots Toys have a rather critical flaw, and I do feel comfortable for calling them a cash-grab. 💸 That said, they **do** what you would expect to, if you can handle the smell, which probably **will** leech into your other toys or other items you’re storing nearby. 😬

As for me, I’ve spent upwards 50 Euros on these paddles and trying to clean them. There’s a very realistic chance that I **will** be throwing out the “glow in the dark” slut paddle as well in the coming days or weeks, but I still haven’t given up the dream of having a slut paddle that does not have a foul stench to it. I’m not much of a DIY person, especially when it comes to sex toys, but I’m hoping I can hold a hobby knife well enough to modify that aforementioned MOI-Amsterdam paddle to make my own custom slut paddle. 😤 (I probably should head over to /r/BDSMDIY before grabbing a knife and potentially destroying a good paddle which has seen very little use, though…)

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