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Building a sex room


Me and my girlfriend are looking to build our own sex room, really into toys. Currently have a few butt plugs, anal beads, vibrators, one of them is shit tho, it’s meant to be a realistic looking cock that heats and thrusts with a suction on it but we bought it off amazon and it broke after about 5 minutes fs. Have a decent whip and paddle. Looking to still expand on what we have even tho and have a big variety of everything. Really into toys and trying out all sorts of different toys as well as bondage gear. Really want to find a good machine operated thrusting vibrator for some good DP fun with her but budget is limited, also don’t want to be buying cheap shite that’ll break tho.

Can anyone recommend anything else we should look into getting and good brands that won’t break that we should look into and good sites.

Looking sites in Ireland and Britain

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