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Breakup Coach Emmi Fortin Reveals Secrets!

Breakup Coach Emmi Fortin Reveals Secrets!

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Breakup Coach Emmi Fortin Reveals Secrets!

High school teacher Emmi heads to the salsa club every week to escape her “adulting” life and get her dancing “fix.” But it’s more than just dancing that she is obsessed with. It is here that she meets Santiago, a charming man with a killer smile whom she falls recklessly in love with. They begin a romance and confusing entanglement where passion runs high each time they break up and get back together – over and over again.

Constantly feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed from the uncertainty of the situationship, Emmi feels like she’s going crazy. She hits the online dating apps hard in a frenzy to find “Mr. Right,” attempting to break away from her romance with Santiago for good.

It isn’t until Emmi’s solo trip to Spain that she discovers that the key to breaking her toxic love addiction lies within herself and that she holds the power to make the final decision about where her life will go.

If you have ever felt out of control, codependent, or lost after a relationship, this book is must-read.

Emmi not only draws you into her deeply intimate and vulnerable journey of healing and transformation as she fights to break free from an addictive cycle but also shares her radically honest and entertaining adventure stories along the way. Available on and audible.

Breakup Coach Emmi Fortin Reveals Secrets!

The Wake Up from Your Breakup Coaching Program will show you how to implement the RED Process to:

  • MANAGE OVERWHELMING EMOTIONS with intention to better handle times when you are triggered by a person, place, situation, or memory.
  • Develop CLARITY about past relationships, what you want in future ones and HOW to create that.
  • TRANSFORM negative self-talk and limiting beliefs into personal STRENGTH and POWER to increase self-value and confidence.
  • CREATE A NEW PATH to control the direction of your own life and relationships to be in alignment with your core values.
  •  Establish healthy BOUNDARIES around past relationships, current, and future ones.
  • Create manageable ACTION STEPS for daily success and happiness through forward momentum.
  • Discover how you can use your heartache as an OPPORTUNITY for learning about your past patterns and how you can shift into new ones that better serve you.
  • Available on her website:

Watch my Ask the Expert video interview with Emmi Fortin, who answers my questions:

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  • What is a breakup coach, and what got you into this work?
  • In your book Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up with a Love Addiction, you showcase the emotional turmoil of a passionate yet tumultuous relationship. You refer to it as a love addiction; What does love addiction mean?
  • You describe your relationship with Santiago as a situationship. What is that and what are some signs people should be aware of?
  • What are the things that prevent people from being able to move on after a breakup, divorce, or toxic relationship?
  • How do you guide your clients through the challenging process of breaking free from love addiction or getting unstuck after a relationship ends?
  • Was writing your book, Who Is Your Red Dress? therapeutic for you? And would you recommend this process for other coaches or women going through a breakup?
  • In your memoir, you share many different dating experiences that you had. How might dating impact someone’s recovery from a breakup or a love addiction?
  • You describe a transformative solo trip to Spain as a crucial role in your healing and self-discovery. How do you heal on this journey and how can you help others from this experience?
  • How important is building your self-worth after a relationship ends? And how do you help your clients to be confidence?
  • What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to know what their next steps should be when trying to heal and move on from a relationship?
  • On your website, you offer a free guide to discover the 3 problems that must be handled when a relationship ends. What are the solutions to those 3 problems?
  • You also offer a free consultation strategy session, so tell us a little bit about your unique methods for healing? 

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