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Breaking News: This is Your Last Chance to be Ripped off by

Breaking News: This is Your Last Chance to be Ripped off by

Pimping in’t easy, unless your Gator, Cuz Gator ain’t ever been about that shit. But that was a simple time, Gators bitches used jimmies and gave the clients what they paid for – a good time.   Now Hobbyist live in the Alex Harper Times.. its a crap shoot if she is even going to show up. If Vegas laid odds on Alex being a hooker, it’s even money on whether she steals your deposit and 100-1 on you busting a nut.

As an award-winning Journalist, or as the Well Street Journal once described me “A wordsmith rivaled only by Pat McManus, TRPWL is a true literary Genius” It’s my job to research my posts.

After using the interwebs using these search terms – batshit – crazy – hooker – thief – drug addict – I found a bunch of Alex Harper escort reviews.

Here are a few excerpts:

My experience with her was not great at all. As in all things YMMV was very true in this case and I was pretty disappointed with the way my booking went down. Initially everything was great and then the day of while I was in my prebooked room she cancelled at the appt time stating she became violently ill while flying back to USA from Europe. Went thru hell trying to re-schedule and when the make-up appt finally came she promised me plenty of extras including extra time added on for everything she put me thru. Well none of that came to fruition. She seemed rushed and somewhat mechanical and got seemingly irritated when changing condoms on me.

Around halfway thru the appt we were in what I thought would be the grand finale trip to the islands which I clearly prebooked and had to prepay for. It was nothing like I had hoped (not even remotely snug) and after a few minutes without warning she got up and went to the bathroom and started brushing her hair and touching up her makeup. She ended the appt without warning and I never finished – not even a handjob.

So I drove home with blue balls and out more than 2.5K. The single worst experience I have had in this hobby and I was completely blindsided by it.

This guy got right to the point:

Alex Harper took 900 buck deposit from me, canceled 3 times, and finally met up at a hotel by her hotel, she got mad that I didn’t cum in the first 30 minutes, I paid her for an hour mind you. She then got her stuff and left, 38 minutes after arriving. Thief

My favorite

It has already been established Alex is a dumb drunk fuck not worth fucking. When someone is unlucky enough to give her money, they won’t get what they pay for

And this gem is from someone in her immediate circle:

Anyways the last call we went to… she made 600 to just show up and left without giving any services because she was told it was 800. I was like we will split the money no big deal and she said that wasn’t good enough and wanted mine too even tho it was my call and I was staying longer LOL but she felt she was entitled to more because of who she is. She TOLD my client to give her my money haha. Anyways, she started a scene and stressed out my client, took the money, left without services. I stayed. She still made 600, for nothing so had no reason to flip out.

That quote is from a longer post coming later.

Booking Alex Harper for sex is like letting Hatler Gurius manage your portfolio, You’re stupid.

I will say that looking at bad escort reviews was fun, I think we may add some others to the the site.


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