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Bought Fukena on Amazon, color is off and I’m suspcious


For anyone that doesn’t know, Fukena does have their own site and links to sites that sell their toys, including Amazon. My first Fukena toy (Hookup) I bought from Amazon, had no issues. I just got my second one (Linebacker) in today, and the color (light flesh tone) is noticeably different compared to the first toy and looks different from the website, like a darker, almost blush or red tinged color. It made me wonder if maybe I got a knock off or something? However the toy looks exactly like the one on Fukena’s site, all the veins and textures are in the right spot. It did come in a sealed box with a Fukena tag on the outside. The toy was in a sealed plastic bag, and inside the box was the purple Fukena ‘card’ (package insert). Could I be worried for no reason or should I be concerned?

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