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Hello all, I’ve been using dildos for a few years now, and I’ve always heard about how boiling is a better method than hand cleaning, but it’s always really scared me to try. None of the instructions online are specific enough for me to feel confident enough to try it, they just say “boil the dildo” and that’s it. But like, how high temp should you be using on the burner, do you just leave your dildo on the stove on the burner? Isn’t there a risk of the dildo being burnt or melting?

Does anyone have any specific instructions on how to safely and in detail, bill silicone dildos ?

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6 thoughts on “Boiling?

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    I usually boil my vixen mustang before I use it. To sterilize it, and to also warm it up completely before I use it. Something about boiling it seems to keep the toy warmer for way longer compared to just under the running hot tap.

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    You CAN boil a silicone toy. But theres nothing wrong with just washing it in a sink or bath.shower as you wash. Youd only really boil it if your selling it, using it with other people.

  3. Verified-Customer says:

    I just use condoms on my dildos and vibrators and wash them with warm water and soap

  4. Verified-Customer says:

    Boiling water won’t exceed 100C, doesnt matter if burner is at max. 10 min is plenty. Just make sure the pot is big enough that it won’t be resting on the edge. That said, it’s much easier to just hand wash with soap.

  5. Verified-Customer says:

    I use the heated wash setting on the dish washer

  6. Verified-Customer says:


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