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Blush Gia any good, or other recommendations?


Hello horny helpers! I need some advise…

I’m searching for some new toys for me and my /wife, specifically:
-a replacement dual density silicone dildo buddy (RIP old buddy)
-a comfortable(smooth/compliant?), quality g-spot vibrator, to replace the cheap one we’ve been using for DPV fun and external vibration
-our (first!) wand vibrator for some intense external vibration/bondage fun 😊. Looking for something rumbly, as she overstims easily with buzzy vibrations

So here is the question/request for advise!

I discovered the Blush Gia, Which seems really interesting as it could be a good wand and g spot stimulator 2-in-1 but it’s got mixed reviews, and reviews noted it as a bit buzzy…
Does anyone have some first hand feedback on the two functions of the Gia? The wand function overall as a first one? Anyone know a quality alternative that does a similar trick?

I’ve got about a $200 budget all in, so I don’t need bottom barrel prices, but the 2-in-1 of the Gia was attractive, especially since I’m not ready to drop 160 on a Vim.

Please let me know your thoughts, advise, and inspired options 😜

Thanks in advance! ❤️

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