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Anyone have experience with the Venus 2000 for Men? In…


Considering getting one. Questions:

1. There is a cheaper gen 1 compared to the 1k gen 2. Other than the listed feature differences, is the gen 1 completely sufficient?

2. I can get and hold erections, but for the most part, it requires continued stimulation to get hard. Does this mean I should choose erect and flacid measurements, or just erect?

3. I am a significant grower so the thickness of my cock varies. At full erection, should you give measurements slightly smaller, slightly bigger, or is going with exact measurements good? Should I go a little under just in case and to make it tighter?

4. How heavy is it? If shipped discreetly, can it be picked up without being suspricious on why it’s so heavy? How discreet is it?

Thank you

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