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Anal deep clean advice request/discussion


My go-to dildo has about 10 inches of usable length, so I usually go for a deep clean when I want to use it. The only problem is right when it starts to run clear, I’ll do something, IDK what, and I’m starting over. How do I make this not take two hours? Yes, I am following the guide, but I’d like to cut down on time. I have a 10inch long shower hose but I’m seldom actually using the full length

(Everything after this is unimportant.)

My feet hurt, my ass hurts, I’m tired, and I haven’t even had my fun. One time, I spent two hours getting prepped until it ran clear, then I sat on a guys dick and when it fell out, it was gross, and we had to call it quits. I was so fucking embarrassed!

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12 thoughts on “Anal deep clean advice request/discussion

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Start fasting…

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    Maybe arrange the action on a weekend, you eat early on Friday. Wake up , drink coffee so most of the stuff are goners. Idk i am making things up from scratch here 😀

  3. Verified-Customer says:

    are you actually running into problems if you just do the fast method?

    if water doesn’t get past the sigmoid bend it won’t keep running and running.

  4. Verified-Customer says:

    For pegging, and I use some big dildos, I use a shower wand. Looks like a big long butt plug with a pressure control valve. If you go past the sigmoid, it could take 45min if not done frequently. More fiber in your diet could help as well. Some residue is always going to be a gamble unless you’re cleaning frequently.

  5. Verified-Customer says:

    wow! Well, with some of the comments here I fear for the natural flora and some peoples intestinal tracks. Remember folks, we’ve got good stuff up there that needs to stay up there and stay healthy. Sending it through car wash isn’t gonna help. That said, the one thing that wasn’t mentioned was how long is your interval between cleaning out and play? If you’re doing a deep cleanse, your interval, it needs to be at least three or four hours. I would also second the votes for more fiber in your diet. There are supplements and of course, citrus cell and Metamucil, which are healthy for you anyway. And then there’s fasting or eating on the days that is planned. IDK, just just stuff that’s worked for me. why M


  6. Verified-Customer says:

    I use a 16-in rubber shower wand. I’m also very careful to modify my diet for the two days prior. Nothing that slow to digest or sticky like nuts.

  7. Verified-Customer says:

    Goddamn guys, think about what you are doing and fix the issue. It shouldn’t take that long. And if it does, its because you are flooding everything.

    It takes forever to fill up your guts from the butthole, what if you filled up from the source of the issue? Try a long silicone shower enema tube. I use a this combined with a shower diverter and metal shower hose,

    until I find mess, spray a bit and then hop on the toilet and release. Do it quickly, but with low pressure, until you are clean.

    It’s a matter of understanding the layout of your guts, once you understand how you are built its simple to clean up beyond where you intend to play. Takes me 5-20min. Give yourself up to 30min afterwards to dry up.

    I do this regularly and we play with with her fist 9/10 and with toys exceeding 10in as often.

  8. Verified-Customer says:

    You have another sphincter at the top of your colon before you enter the intestines. There are basically two types of clean outs, quick and deep, and the difference is dependent on cleaning below that sphincter or pushing water farther up.

  9. Verified-Customer says:

    I sometimes find myself in the same boat, think I’m done. Get up walk away and 10-15mins later I’m ready to explode and have to then do another 3/4 bulbs. The best thing I’ve found is make sure I expel all the water I put in with each bulb before I put another load in. This takes some patience and sitting in the optimal position on the toilet (feet slightly elevated). I would also say I avoid holding the water in there for more than a few seconds

  10. Verified-Customer says:

    I usually need around 1-2h for the deep clean as well, it’s definitely annoying and time consuming. I know the feeling of “oh I am clean, 1 more” and then it comes again. Takes another fews loads after that to feel well. I don’t think there’s a good solution for that. I just use a normal douche attachment for the shower hose, maybe the 16in rubber thing someone else mentioned helps to cut down on time as you start blasting water where your toy will go

  11. Verified-Customer says:

    I’ve had exactly what you describe happen to me many, many times, I spend ages pumping water in and out of my ass and everything is completely clean in the bathroom and then I go and start playing and it’s a mess… I definitely feel your pain!

    This is what I’ve found (for me) cuts down the chance of that happening by a lot. After every fill with water, I’ll play with toys, I sometimes use a dildo that’s long enough to just hit the bend between the rectum and sigmoid colon and that generally triggers a release of some extra I didn’t know was trapped there. Another thing that’s helped me a lot is to use an inflatable butt plug and pump it up a bit, I think the expansion and pressure in my rectum triggers my body to go into shit mode and that nearly always triggers a release of mess I didn’t know was trapped up in there.

    My procedure for a very deep clean now is to fill with an enema bag and then release and use toys, fill and release again and use toys, until I feel like I’m done. Then I’ll put my inflatable butt plug in and and keep it in for a while, e.g. pack away my enema supplies, clean up, etc., then I’ll jump in the shower still with the butt plug in and wash myself and then release the pressure and expel the butt plug, normally some residue comes out at this point. Then I usually use a shower enema attachment to just do a few shallow rinses. If I feel I need to do more I use the inflatable butt plug again and then some more shallow rinses with the shower enema. That whole routine usually takes 35 to 45 min and it’s a pretty good clean out.

  12. Verified-Customer says:

    This is a good 45-minute breakdown of preparation for anal and depth play by a content creator.

    Of note, is that there are no enemas in use. What is actually useful is noting that by using large-ish plugs (8-9″ circumference) you can constantly stimulate bowel movements, and effectively trick your body into cleaning itself out. Combined with psyillum husk powder (which makes your stools bulky) this means you can effectively clean yourself out even for depth play without using enemas.

    It might not work perfectly every day, but for me a large slink (21″) doesn’t get dirty at all with no enemas.

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