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“Am I trans?” Translating sex, identity & relationships

"Am I trans?" Translating sex, identity & relationships

Introducing our content series: “Am I trans?” Translating sex, identity & relationships – what is it, and how did we co-create this?

We’re delighted to share our transformative content series, co-created with trans+ young people, for trans+ young people: “Am I trans?” Translating sex, identity & relationships.

In September 2023, we surveyed over 300 trans+ and non-binary young people (aged 13-25). We wanted to know what content we could create that would support you with your relationships, identity and health. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share their experiences and insights with us! Your responses have steered this content series.

Using this data, our brilliant trans+ youth committee worked incredibly hard to co-create lots of content on important sex ed topics. Everyone deserves inclusive, safe and trustworthy relationships and sex education, including trans+ and non-binary young people.

The aim of this content series is to provide support and information for trans+ and non-binary young people (aged 16-25) on topics relating to their relationships, health and wellbeing. It is free to access, and includes both written articles and blog pieces, and podcast episodes.

Discover our content:

Podcast: A gender journey of figuring out your identity

Podcast: Gender euphoria – what does it feel like?

15 tips for coping with transphobia

What is social transitioning?

“It gets easier, I promise”: An experience of socially transitioning

How to affirm your gender identity safely

Gender dysphoria: You’re not alone

Making cervical screening easier if you’re trans+

I’m trans+ – so what about my sexual orientation?

T4T relationships: Celebrating trans+ connections

Enjoying sex & intimacy as a trans+ person

Being trans+ & neurodivergent: Our experiences

Navigating being trans+ in the workplace

How to legally change your name in the UK

How to legally change your gender in the UK

What does being trans+ mean to you?

Support & resources for trans+ young people

For professionals, parents/carers & trusted adults who are supporting trans+ youth

Young people consistently say that they want opportunities for private and self-directed learning and guidance, and this includes trans+ and non-binary young people.

This can be disconcerting for adults, who worry about who young people are communicating with and what information they are encountering. People and information online can be variable in quality and reliability, and of course there are risks of exploitation and misinformation.

However, like it or not, young trans+ and non-binary people are consulting the internet for educational purposes – and often, they’re turning to unhealthy, unreliable and unsafe sources. Fumble is unabashed in being an alternative to this.

We know that there are many organisations, professionals, parents/carers and others who want to support trans+ youth, but are unsure where to start.

Download our guide below:

For more information on this content series, read our FAQs.

This project is funded by TRANSforming Futures. TRANSforming Futures is a partnership between Stonewall, LGBT Consortium, Be North, CliniQ, Galop, Gendered Intelligence, GIRES, Mermaids, Sparkle, UK Black Pride, made possible by The National Lottery Community Fund, designed to help create lasting and meaningful change for trans communities in England.

TRANSforming Futures, funded thanks to National Lottery players, by the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity.

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