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Airport incident…


Was going through airport security when I realised that I had like $50 worth of lube in my carry on. you’re not allowed more than 100ml so I was kinda terrified of getting searched because I keep it in a bag with like $300 worth of toys. Of course it gets flagged for a search.

Thankfully the attendant must have realised I had a bunch of “private stuff “ with the lube cos they were really discrete about not opening my suitcase up for everyone to see. I’m still miffed about losing all my lube (I’ll likely have to settle for shitty Astroglide from the grocery store or something) but glad it didn’t turn into a more embarrassing situation.

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11 thoughts on “Airport incident…

  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Buy this this is a great lube and it’s cheap ::

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    My wife and I were delayed in Seatle for like 8 hours… so we hung out on this side of security for a good while before we checked our bags. At some point I reached in her side pocket to get a smoke and pulled out a baggie with well over an ounce of a white powder substance. Turns out it was some fry batter flour and spices my sister sent her home with. I said damn hunny this looks like dope. She didn’t care and shoved it back in her carry on. I finally talked her into at least putting it in her checked bag. Got home to Atlanta, got our bag and home we went. No problems. When she emptied her luggage…. the baggie was gone.

  3. Verified-Customer says:

    Just saw on their website they sell special travel bottles and to-go canisters, that’s cool! I’ve seen travel size before but never refillable and their packaging is pretty cool for that, just wanted to mention lol

  4. Verified-Customer says:

    Yeah, that definitely sucks when you lose $50 of good lubricant. But it is really awesome that the attendant was discreet and did not cause scene in front of the public. Hopefully, you have a decent temporary replacement for it until you restock.

  5. Verified-Customer says:

    If you can find the lube you want on Amazon, you can order it to your hotel ahead of time, or to a pickup location.

  6. Verified-Customer says:

    Amazon delivery to your destination hotel you can get the package upon arrival.

  7. Verified-Customer says:

    Should had a Doctor’s letter! Or a 500g tub of J-lube.

  8. Verified-Customer says:

    What kind of lube costs $50 for 100 ml of lube?

  9. Verified-Customer says:

    next time just eat the lube, simple.

    fr tho travelling lube needs to be invented like can we make it solid like jelly cubes or smth

  10. Verified-Customer says:

    Fairly lucky they were so discreet. For me at one of my destinations, Las Vegas of all places, I had a Tenga Flip in my suitcase and I was flagged for a search. Before the agent unzips my bag I tell her there’s an adult toy in there. She proceeds to unzip, yank it out, wave it in the air, and examine it like looking through the hole and everything like a fuckin kaleidoscope. Finally the other TSA agent looks over and was like “Uh I think he’s good”. Luckily I have next to no shame, but still – Vegas?

  11. Verified-Customer says:

    There are powdered lubes that you can carry and just add water to at your destination. X-lube is one.

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