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Getting started with a sex blog is nearly as difficult as keeping one going. This kind of content is often inherently personal. Even if you decide you want to write fiction, you put a piece of yourself on the page. And, as plenty of sex bloggers can tell you, assumptions will be made about you whether you’re writing fiction or fact.

While the look and feel of your sex blog matters, it’s the content that will always be most important. You don’t have to have the pretty design or the coolest features right away. What you need most is content an audience cares about. From written word to pictures to audio to video, it can all be incorporated into a sex blog in some way.

Who is this post for?

If the ideas are burning brightly in you, start there. But if you feel at a loss, and you’re in any of these categories, hopefully this will help:

  • Anyone who wants to start a sex blog but isn’t sure what it should be about.
  • Sex bloggers who took a break and want to get started again
  • Established (long or short-term) sex bloggers who looking for new ideas

Okay, now, let’s get to a few ideas to get you started.

Sexual Fantasies

What are the pictures and words in your head? What do you think about when you masturbate, have sex, or find yourself with a few minutes of time to let your mind wander? Whatever it is, write it down.

It can be more difficult than you realize to share those fantasies, especially if you’re holding onto any leftover shame from childhood or past relationships. But those thoughts and imaginings can also be the gateway into self-exploration or erotic writing later.

If they feel too personal, write them as if they’re fiction. Only you’ll know it’s really you.

Sexual Exploration

Have you discovered a sexual desire or kink you never knew you had? Talk about it on your sex blog! A lot of people worry that they can’t share information unless it’s packaged neatly with a start and a conclusion — and all the details in between. Sex blogs are much more flexible.

Sex is a journey…for everyone. Yes, you’ll be sharing desires or thoughts as you experience them, but you’re also bringing your audience on the journey at the same time. They’ll learn along with you, and some may even be able to offer advice or share resources you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Your Sex Life

You can replace “sex” with “dating” or “marriage” or whatever fits for you. Some sex bloggers share the details of the actual sex they have and others of how their relationship progresses. Many people think of sex as something you only do with a partner, but solo sex (aka masturbation) definitely counts.

My first blog posts were all about masturbating for the first time and my first orgasms. Yes, even if you’re single and having more fun with your hand or a sex toy than a partner, it’s fair game for sex blog content. But only to the extent that you’re comfortable sharing.

Your Body

Erotic photography is a skill. If it’s something you’re interested in, I highly recommend that you follow Molly Moore and Exposing40 to learn more. But you don’t have to be a professional to take steamy, sexy, erotic, or sexual pictures of yourself. With a bit of creativity, you don’t even have to show every part of your body. (And showing your face is never required.)

I’ve taken pictures to feel free, to learn to love my body, and to say I did. And I only share the ones I really like. Like any other type of content you make, you get better with practice. While I’d love to have pictures taken with a professional camera, all of the images I share on my sex blog are taken with my iPhone, no extra equipment is required, either.

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What You’ve Learned

The best way to really learn something is to teach it to others. Teaching doesn’t necessarily mean standing up in front of a classroom and lecturing. It can be as simple as sharing your thoughts on a concept and any resources you trust and respect.

  • Hate how kids are taught about consent and have a method that worked for you? That’s a topic of discussion.
  • Think more people should talk about a certain sex position, masturbation technique, sex toy, or something else? Share your experience with it.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer about educating others is to never assume everyone in your audience has the same desires, genitals, or sexuality you do. If you start from the premise of “This is what works for ME” and keep yourself open to infinite differences, people are often more willing to listen to your perspective.

Conversations with People You Admire

From erotic authors to sex workers to kink educators, if there are people you admire in the sex or kink space, ask if you can interview them. Before you get too nervous, much of this can be done by email or Twitter DM. If they’re willing, you can send a list of your questions and wait for them to reply. Of course, interviews are great for podcasts and videos, too.

You’ll be sharing a resource you trust, building a connection with someone you respect, and giving your audience information they didn’t have before. You don’t have to be scared of whoever you reach out to, only respectful of their time. The sex education/sex blogging/kink positive community (in general) is typically welcoming and kind and even if the answer is no, they’ll usually be nice about it.

Erotic Fiction

Erotic fiction can be pulled from anywhere — meaning you can take your real life experiences and fictionalize them to give you a bit of distant from the content you’re creating. Or you can use your own sexual fantasies. Or, like many writers I know, you can follow whatever sexy topic interests you.

You don’t have to be into BDSM to write kinky fiction. But it’s good to do research (following real-life kinksters is one way to learn) or to ask for help. Sex and kink might be about fantasy and pleasure, but because of a very real lack of sex education, too many people treat their porn (written or otherwise) like a how-to manual. Give yourself creative license to explore erotic topics, but be responsible and understand that not all readers look at erotic fiction as “just” fantasy.

word cloud for Adult Toy

Sex Toy Reviews

I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t mention sex toy reviews. The absolute basics of this are to try a sex toy and write up your experience. Really good, professional sex toy reviewers make it clear there’s much more to the process than that. But if you’re just starting out, start with the basics. Take pictures of the product, share the details of the toy, and discuss your experience. Remember, your experience won’t be universal — and yes, you’re allowed to say something sucks when it sucks. Your audience is counting on it.

Your first few reviews will likely be toys you already own. It’s where most of us begin. Once you begin to build an audience and learn improve your skills, sex toys companies will be much more interested in sending you product. Every company has their own threshold of when they’ll ship toys to a reviewer, so don’t always need a substantial audience to receive something for review.

Combine and Mix in Whatever Way Suits You

I commonly see sex bloggers pick one option and stick with it faithfully, without deviating…until they feel burned out or they run out of inspiration for new content. If you have a burning passion to discuss a single topic or create content about one thing, go for it. But keep in mind that you can branch out into other topics, and it’s okay. As long as you’re still you (the person and voice your audience likes), most people who follow you will go along for the journey. In fact, every time I’ve deviated from what I thought I should blog about, I made new connections and my audience grew. Diversify your content in a way that feels right to you.

The biggest thing to remember is that all of this exists on a learning curve. Even your favorite sex bloggers started as clueless newbies trying to figure this stuff out. Follow other bloggers doing what you’d like to try to see how they do it. Mix and match techniques until you find what suits your style and sex blog best.


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