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toy box additions


i’m wondering if there are any toys that i should absolutely add to my collection?

my current residents are:
* calexotics mini marvels marvelous teaser ✨
* calexotics pacifica bora bora 🌙
* calexotics pacifica tahiti ✨
* satisfyer cutie heart ✨💛
* satisfyer power flower 🌙✨
* secret kisses rosegasm✨
* we-vibe moxie ✨
* unbound squish ✨💛
(i added a key as to which are internal🌙 and external✨, and also my current favorites💛)

i’m quite a fan of external play if you can tell, but slowly venturing into internal play! i just ordered a she-ology dilator kit off of bellesa to ease myself into everything (i also got the bellesa airvibe pro for free w/purchase so i’m excited to give that a try)

if you know of any other external toys i should add to the arsenal, let me know! i’d like to try a grinding/humping toy eventually (the pelle grinders look really fun)

i’m also open to non-realistic (no veins, no balls 🙂‍↔️) aesthetically pleasing/cute, super squishy silicone dildo suggestions!

thanks for all the help 🤭💛

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