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I’m a trans guy with decent bottom growth, but it’s still nothing in comparison to what most male sex toys need. I’ve scrolled through this sub and every post I can find about small dicks in general ends in recommendations for gland stimulators or that if the girth is the same then all good. Since I’ve got no glands and have a much smaller girth these didn’t really help.

I’ve seen and tried plain silicone toys made for trans men, while the size is right I have an old injury in my wrists from a car accident when I was younger that puts me in a lot of pain to use a manual stroker. I’ve also tried clit stimulators made for women but I’m alittle too big for those and they honestly hurt to use due to being hard plastic.

I’m not sure these exist, but I’m looking for the same kind of automatic (suction or motion) penetratable sex toy made for men but for small girth. Does anyone have any leads here?

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