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Sillicone toy smell


Hello, I had recently purchased a squeeze-it dildo as it’s been recommened to me by a reddit user. I’ve only ever used clitoral stimulation toys before this. After opening the toy, I’ve noticed a bad smell similar to chinese store flip-flops. The smell lingered on my fingers whenever I’d touch it and it’s made my head hurt and made my entire room smell. It’s made of sillicone and the inside is silexpan which makes it squishy. Now, I’ve aired it out and washed it in hot water like 3 times ehich has removed most of the smell and it now smells almost fine.
My question is, is it safe to use and is this normal for sillicone toys?
I’ve seen 2 typos of info online.
1. Its made with harmful materials don’t useit
2. That’s notmal for sillicone toy.
Any type of help and experience would be greatly appreciated as I’ve used it once and am now scarwd for my health haha

I’ve contacted the store and they kept reassuring me that the toy is safe to use as it’s made of quality sillicone but I wouldn’t really trust a store telling me that tbh.

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