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Sex Position: Let Them Eat Cake

Sex Position: Let Them Eat Cake

With this oral sex position, you can let your loyal subject have their cake and eat it, too! It’s time to get on your knees to show your lover how you serve a Queen for Cake and Cunnilingus Day.

Sex Position: Let Them Eat Cake 2

How Do I Do It?

This sweet, finger-licking sex position is easy! First, the giver should find a position on the floor where they can sit or kneel beside a slightly elevated surface, such as a coffee table. For additional comfort, you can lean on a cushion. Then, with a leg between their thighs or either side, the receiver should place their foot on the surface, leaving your intimate area open for orgiastic oral stimulation. The giver can brace the receiver’s thighs or buttocks in their hands for extra support.

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

Oral sex is always worth it! However, a common complaint is that it makes a giver’s neck sore. By sitting or kneeling, this oral sex position alleviates that stress, allowing your partner to keep going rather than subbing out just as things get good.

Because you’re standing over your partner, it naturally creates a delicious power dynamic which lends itself to light BDSM and Dom/sub play. Put your fingers in their hair and tell them what a good boy/girl they’re being, or remind them it’s their place to serve you.

Make It More Orgasmic

Some sexy lingerie can enhance any erotic encounter, especially if you’re embracing a little roleplay. Channel your inner Queen of Versailles with a pair of crotchless knickers. These dainty delicates leave your intimates accessible while remaining clothed and in control.

Just because your lover’s mouth is full doesn’t mean they can’t use their hands! You could crack out any of your favourite vibrators, but why settle for simple? Oral sex is great for getting your arousal levels high enough to make your G-spot swell, making it easier to stimulate. So, put a G-spot vibrator in their palm and explore the potential of a full-body orgasm.

Mix up sensations and add a pinch of pain with nipple and clit clamps. Not just for a masochistic twist, but they’ll trap blood in your hot spots, making them even more sensitive – imagine your clit being licked while wearing one! Nipple suckers are a milder alternative if pain isn’t your thing, and they’ll pucker up your peaks plenty.

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Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationship.

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