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Review: Honey Play Box RORA 2

Honey Play Box RORA 2


When I first tried the Honey Play Box app for my review of their original OLY, they only had a handful of compatible toys that ran alongside it. So, when the US brand recently got back in touch about reviewing their OLY 2, I was delighted to see that in addition to the app’s new range of features, there were also many more products designed to work with it. Some of these, such as the OLY and JOI, are now in their second or even third generations, and it is one such toy that I’ll be reviewing today. The new RORA 2 is the successor to Honey Play Box’s popular RORA dual-stimulator, which brings 360° rotations to the G-Spot. And whilst I don’t own the original, it seems that, like the OLY 2, the only real changes here are the new app-related features, such as voice control, pressure sensing and temperature detection.

Product Description

Being a dual-stimulator with many of the same features as the OLY 2, the Honey Play Box RORA 2 is essentially an oversized rotating version of it. I say oversized because, even though it is supposed to be targeting all of the same areas as the OLY, both shafts are much longer, which is… odd. This also means that whilst this toy is still technically a panty vibrator, I probably wouldn’t use it for this as the weight will make it much more likely to fall out. It also reminds me a lot of Honey Play Box’s other rotating dual-stimulator, the Crave, which I reviewed back in 2022 and is now onto its third generation. The difference here, other than the fact that this is app-controlled, being that the RORA features a realistic head, something quite unusual for this kind of vibrator and likely part of the reason they decided to make the internal shaft so long and thick. On that note, the RORA 2 has an insertable length of 13cm / 5.1″, alongside a maximum diameter of 3.38cm / 1.33″, which is located at the head. The shaft is then almost completely firm, with only a little bit of squish at the head, although a hollow area is located directly below this, as this is where it rotates. Three bumps line the front of the shaft, before the toy has an almost 90° bend, transforming into the flexible external arm where it tapers out to a point, leaving behind two little notches for extra clitoral stimulation. On the other side of this, you’ll then find a reflective plate of rose gold plastic, which surrounds the toy’s single button, as well as two plates for the magnetic charger. Then, as for the colour, this toy sadly only comes in purple, but it is at least a dark metallic shade, making it quite different from Honey Play Box toys I have tried in the past. Finally, this toy is also body-safe, USB rechargeable, and waterproof, and whilst it is anal-safe, it is not intended for this kind of play.


Honey Play Box RORA 2 packagingHoney Play Box RORA 2 packaging

My order for the RORA 2 was placed with Honey Play Box on the 6th of February and I received it on the 15th. The package was then 100% discreet, with no mention of who sent it or what was inside. As for the box of the toy itself, this is essentially identical to past products I have received from the brand, particularly the OLY 2 which was included in the same order. A colourful and visually appealing box featuring an image of the RORA 2 and information on what it can do, this outer sleeve can then be slid off to reveal a high-quality semi-discreet box underneath, which is easily reusable. Opening this, I found the RORA 2 resting in foam, alongside an instruction manual, app manual, charging cord, and a luxury green storage bag featuring the Honey Play Box logo. The app manual in particular I had issues with in my last review, as it only offers very brief instructions on how to download the app and turn on bluetooth, and whilst a QR code is provided for more detailed instructions, this just leads to the Honey Play Box product page for app toys. And considering the problems I’ve been having with the app, most notably not knowing how to activate the voice control, maybe this wouldn’t have occurred if this manual actually linked to further instructions. Thankfully, I have since spoken with the brand, and they are committed to improving this manual in the future. Finally, the RORA 2 comes with a one year warranty.


Honey Play Box RORA 2 chargingHoney Play Box RORA 2 charging

Charging the Honey Play Box RORA 2 is easy since it is USB rechargeable. Simply plug one end into a USB port, and then connect the other to the metal plates on the toy. These will attach to each other magnetically and the connection strength is quite strong, however I’d still recommend caution when placing it down as the two may disconnect unintentionally. Charging should then take one hour 40 minutes to give you one hour of use, with the light flashing when the battery is being filled and then becoming solid upon completion. In addition, Honey Play Box recommends charging the OLY before first use.


As with the OLY 2, the Honey Play Box RORA 2 has a single button control. To turn the toy on or off, hold down the button, with success being indicated by its light turning on or off. Although this can be a little bit difficult to see in a well lit room, and is only made worse by the fact that your finger will be covering it. You can then continue clicking to cycle through the nine vibration modes, three of which are steady speeds and six of which are patterns. Each arm has its own vibration motor, which run in sync, and in addition there are also those rotations, which correspond to the vibration mode (for instance, on a pattern where the vibrations turn on and off, the rotations will start and stop). Whilst I do like these controls and they keep things simple, having one button for three different motors is a lot. But at least there is the app for those that desire a greater level of control. As for the pressure controls, this was much the same as my experience with it during my review of the OLY 2, controlling the toy when it is in stand-by mode and working fairly well when I squeeze it in my hand.

Honey Play Box RORA 2 controlsHoney Play Box RORA 2 controls

The App

At the time of writing this, it’s been less than a month since my review of the OLY 2, and so the Honey Play Box app has not been updated. With this in mind, you can see that review for a full look at my thoughts, and I’d recommend also scrolling to the bottom section to read my “Updates”. This is as Honey Play Box have since resolved an issue I had during that review, which was that I couldn’t get the voice control to work. It turns out you’ve got to use the activation phrase “Hey Honey” before every command, despite the fact that this is not mentioned anywhere besides a few images on their website which just look like marketing copy. Since finding this out, I have also updated my App Review Round-Up, which is the best place to go for a full look at what the Honey Play Box app can do. And even though the voice control is still full of bugs, fairly often not responding to me, this win for accessibility was still enough for me to push the app’s rating back up to a 3/5, making it my 3rd favourite sex toy app out of the apps included in that post. As for controlling the RORA 2 specifically, I have not had any new issues, and am glad to see the two shafts separated in the app, so that you can control them independently from one another.

First Impressions

Turning the Honey Play Box RORA 2 on for the first time, the initial thing I noticed was how much slower the rotations are in real life versus what is shown on the Honey Play Box website. I suppose some kind of exaggeration might be expected with this kind of thing, but there is quite a difference between the two, so much so that it does feel a little misleading, a recurring problem for this brand. As for the vibrations, these are strong in the external arm but a little weaker in the internal one, clearly playing second fiddle to the rotations, and both are on the buzzier side of things. A positive though is that I find it surprisingly quiet, yet probably still too loud for use as a panty vibe.

My Experience

Honey Play Box RORA 2 storage bagHoney Play Box RORA 2 storage bag

I mentioned at the start of this review how odd it is that the Honey Play Box RORA 2 has vastly different proportions despite targeting the same areas as the OLY 2, and that should have been your hint (and my own) for how this experience was going to pan out. Whilst the OLY’s small bulbous arm isn’t quite curved enough for my G-Spot, it does lay in the vicinity. Meanwhile, its external arm sits over my clitoris perfectly. So, by extending both of these for the RORA 2, and making the internal arm even straighter, neither of them are anywhere remotely near what they are supposed to be stimulating. This kind of move boggles my brain a bit considering the two toys are from the same brand, and while everyone has different measurements when it comes to body parts, I have trouble imagining this toy working for anyone. The external arm sits far too high for my clitoris, whilst my G-Spot is completely abandoned, making the internal shaft into more of a vaginal stimulator. On the one hand, this works better for the realistic theme it is going for, but on the other, I can barely feel anything when the internal shaft is running. If I angle it just right, I do get a hint of G-Spot pleasure, but in doing so I have to completely remove the external arm from my body so that I can’t even feel the residual clitoral vibrations, which is not a worthwhile trade. The one saving grace is that the external arm is completely flexible, allowing me to bend it in half so that it sits directly over my clitoris. But even this comes at a cost, as I must hold it in place the whole time, not only taking away from the hands-free nature of the toy, but also requiring a lot of pressure on my thumb, which quickly becomes numb from the vibrations. And even with this, it is still not really worth it, since the vibrations are buzzy and I am unable to feel anything happening inside of me. Orgasm does come, but it takes a long time, and when it does it is not massively satisfying. Finally, as for the pressure sensitivity, this has somehow been even worse than on the OLY 2, as I have been entirely unable to get it to work when inside of me. Normally I’d be making a bigger deal about this since it’s a major feature of the toy, but the rest of the RORA 2 is so bad that it hardly seems to matter.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the Honey Play Box RORA 2 is easy since it is made from silicone and is waterproof. Just throw it in some soapy water when you’re done, give it a wash, rinse, and then dry. Next, store it in a zip-lock bag to keep it clean, as the silicone attracts dust. Furthermore, make sure to not use silicone-based lubricant with this product, as it may react badly to the silicone it is made of, but if you do then first perform a spot test.

Final Thoughts

Honey Play Box RORA 2 and Honey Play Box OLY 2Honey Play Box RORA 2 and Honey Play Box OLY 2
How exactly were the Honey Play Box RORA 2 and OLY 2 ever supposed to stimulate the same areas?

The Honey Play Box RORA 2 is a dual-stimulator designed for “Clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously”. But with the G-Spot widely regarded as being 2.5 to 7.5cm / 1 to 3″ inside the body, and the clitoris being around 2.5cm / 1″ away from the vaginal opening, yet the RORA 2’s internal arm being 13cm / 5.1″ in length and its external arm being 7cm / 2.8″ in length, it doesn’t take much to figure out that these values do not match up. Coming off of my review of the Honey Play Box OLY 2 is what makes this particularly disappointing though, as the almost identical toy (in every way besides the measurements and rotations) fit my body almost perfectly. And while there is perhaps someone that the RORA 2 works for (at least I hope so, considering it’s the second generation of the design), in the greater scheme of things, I don’t know why this product exists. If you simply cannot get enough of realistic toys, and hoped to combine this love with a rotating panty vibrator that doesn’t really work as a panty vibrator, then I guess you are the target audience. But for everyone else, you’re probably best off sticking to the OLY 2, and if you had your eye on those rotations, then the Crave may be the better option instead, even if it is still waiting on an app compatible generation.

You can get the RORA 2 directly from Honey Play Box for just $100 AUD / $65.99 USD, plus use my code GRACE15 to get 15% OFF your total order!

Last updated: 10/4/24
Price at the time of writing: $100 AUD / $65.99 USD


When I first tried the Honey Play Box app for my review of their original OLY, they only had a handful of compatible toys that ran alongside it. So, when the US brand recently got back in touch about reviewing their OLY 2, I was delighted to see that in addition to the app’s new range of features, there were also many more products designed to work with it. Some of these, such as the OLY and JOI, are now in their second or even third generations, and it is one such toy that I’ll be reviewing today. The new…


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