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Review: Boutique Voila Little GOO

Boutique Voila Little GOO


As a toy industry freelancer, I wear many hats. But one of my favourite roles to step into is that of a design consultant. When I first started offering it as a service, it felt like a no-brainer: I know sex toys like the back of my hand, and for almost ten years now I’ve been reviewing them and offering recommendations on how they can be improved. I know what works, and what doesn’t, and with a collection now nearing the thousands, I’ve amassed a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to look back on. So, why not offer my thoughts in a private setting, rather than on my website, for toys that are still in development? It’s been a lot of fun, but the one downside is not being able to share it with all of you… until now! So, without further ado, I’d like you all to meet someone very special to me, the Boutique Voila Little GOO.


Whilst I have consulted on a few sex toys over the last few years, Little GOO is the first one to be released! It gave me a chance to work even closer with my long-time blog sponsor and Brooklyn-based small business, Velvet Brands, much to my delight. As with their Velvet Thruster Prime collection, Boutique Voila is another one of the brands that falls under the Velvet umbrella, this time with a focus on fun and playful designs that smash traditional taboos around what sex toys have to look like. Collaborating with them has allowed me to watch Little GOO evolve from its initial prototype to a fully realised product, and one that I think is really something special. And yes, I may sound a little biased, but since I am reviewing it today, I will be trying my utmost to be objective. Afterall, I’m not receiving any kind of residuals or commissions from sales of this product, so whilst I am proud of how it has turned out, you don’t need to worry about me trying to make it sound better than it is.

Product Description

At its core, the Boutique Voila Little GOO is a very simple air pressure wave stimulator. Whilst multi-use toys continue to trend (despite typically being pretty bad), it is good to see a brand choosing to just do one thing well. With this in mind, it is really the rest of the toy’s unique design that has got me so excited. The most obvious of these being its absolutely adorable dinosaur shape, which has given it its secondary name of Suck-o-Saurus. The vibrant lime green colouring then brings characters such as Godzilla to mind, or, for a hearty dose of nostalgia, the Rugrats‘ kaiju spoof: Reptar. Complete with a smiling open mouth, tail and little arms, it’s hard not to fall in love with this toy, especially with a name like Little GOO. And, of course, all of this also helps it to be extra discreet, fitting right in with my Funko Pops, especially since its suction nozzle is not immediately visible. This is because Little GOO’s legs are removable, working as a cap that not only aids discretion, but also allows the toy to be travel-friendly whilst simultaneously keeping the nozzle clean. Opening it up, you’ll then find a removable silicone nozzle, and above this on the toy’s chest is a single button for control and two metal plates for the magnetic charger to connect to. Plus, the entire thing is covered in the most buttery soft silicone, which also keeps it body-safe. Finally, this toy is USB rechargeable and fully waterproof.


Boutique Voila Little GOO packagingBoutique Voila Little GOO packaging

My order for the Little GOO was placed with Boutique Voila on the 9th of February and I received it on the 15th, which was a great turnaround considering it was coming from the USA. Unfortunately though, as with past orders from the brand, the package was not discreet, listing the contents as “massager samples for media review” (which suggests a customer won’t have this issue). Although it did not mention my website or the brand name, which was an improvement. As for the packaging of the toy itself, this is a simple green cardboard box which highlights the Little GOO logo and information on what it can do. Similar to other Boutique Voila products (as I own most of the range, even if this is my first review), except without a cartoon drawing of the toy, I enjoy the simplicity of the packaging, which allows them to keep costs down (although I also know that a more elaborate box is in the works). Inside, you’ll then find the toy resting safely in a stand, alongside its charger and instruction manual. In addition, the Little GOO also comes with a one year warranty.


Boutique Voila Little GOO chargingBoutique Voila Little GOO charging

Charging the Boutique Voila Little GOO is easy since it is USB rechargeable. Simply plug one end into a USB port, and then place the other end over the magnetic plates on the side of the toy. The connection strength here is fairly strong, but like all magnetic chargers it can disconnect if pulled, so be careful when placing it down. Once on charge, the toy’s light will begin to flash, and this will remain on once complete. Unfortunately Boutique Voila doesn’t mention how long charging is supposed to take, or the amount of time a full battery will give you. But I’ve yet to have it die on me, and in my experience it has been very quick to charge.


With just one button, controlling the Boutique Voila Little GOO is simple, and if anything the included instructions are just more of a formality. Simply hold down the button until the toy turns on, which will start at its lowest speed. You can then continue clicking to run through the toy’s six modes, all of which are steady speeds. This is particularly good, as suction toys with patterns seem to be getting more common these days, despite the fact that the type of stimulation really doesn’t work with it. The speeds will then continue to cycle once the maximum is reached, and at any time you can simply hold the button down again to turn the toy back off. Additionally, when the Little GOO is on, its button will light up, making it easy to press in the dark.

First Impressions

Boutique Voila Little GOO nozzleBoutique Voila Little GOO nozzle

Boutique Voila have impressively created their own patented design for the air pressure waves that run the Little GOO’s stimulation. It’s similar to tap suction, in which a small plate oscillates back and forth quickly, thereby changing the air pressure within the nozzle’s chamber. The biggest problem with this kind of suction is that often the nozzle will be very small, so the clitoris can be hit by the plate (ouch!). Thankfully, Boutique Voila have avoided this by providing a deep silicone nozzle, which aids comfort as well as ensuring easy placement and a tight seal. As for the suction itself, this initially seems strong, whilst simultaneously being fairly quiet, especially compared to my other suction toys. My only note would be that for the first second upon turning on the Little GOO, the suction runs at a high speed, before lowering down to its starting strength. This means you’ll definitely want to turn the toy on before placing it, as otherwise it could be a very unpleasant second. It also makes the toy a little more difficult for edging, whereby you might turn the toy on and off again, but since there’s no patterns to worry about with this toy, it’s easy to just click through until you return to the lowest steady speed instead.

My Experience

I promise you I’m not being biased, but the Boutique Voila Little GOO is truly one of the best suction toys I have tried in years. Whilst it doesn’t really compare to luxury models, such as the Womanizer Premium 2, for what it is and what it costs, I am truly blown away. Of course I wanted this toy to be good, but Boutique Voila is a brand that leans more on the novelty side of things, with their fun and often pop culture-inspired appearances, rather than focusing on the pleasure. So to be presented with a toy that seamlessly merges the two, being both quirky and ridiculously orgasmic, has just been a dream come true. With the deep nozzle, placing it over me is easy, and I find all six suction speeds to be strong and penetrating, so much so that I really have no problem climaxing with any of them. Although being able to increase it over a range of strengths is great, and speed six just knocks it out the park. The initial orgasm comes relatively fast, but this is only the beginning, as Little GOO is primed for multiple. And even though I tend to have about five or more in a single session (which can only take up to 10 minutes), I have yet to experience any soreness on my clitoris after. It’s perfect, although if I had to be picky, then I would offer two notes. First is that the shape is a little difficult to hold and press the button of, but this is to be expected of a toy shaped like a dinosaur. And secondly, having the toy return to its lowest speed on the next click after the top speed has made for some awkward orgasms where I have accidently lowered it upon climax. Although there isn’t much Boutique Voila can do about this, and it is simply just one of the limitations of single button toys.

Cleaning & Care

Boutique Voila Little GOO nozzle offBoutique Voila Little GOO nozzle off

Cleaning the Boutique Voila Little GOO is easy. Just remove the silicone head, wash it in warm soapy water, and rinse. If the body of the toy is dirty too then the whole thing can be washed in the water as well since it is waterproof. Next leave these to air dry and reassemble, before popping its feet back on to keep it clean. Additionally, since the Little GOO is made out of silicone, do make sure to avoid silicone-based lubricants, as they may damage the material.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been excited for the Boutique Voila Little GOO for so long. I already knew it had a winning design: the cute nostalgia-inspired Suck-o-Saurus body, the removable feet for travel and hygiene purposes, as well as added discretion, the deep nozzle for clitoris protection alongside improved placement and suction seal, the list goes on. But what I didn’t know until now is just how good Velvet Brand’s new patented suction would be. Whilst I no longer have a working Rose toy to compare it to, I truly think that the Little GOO could absolutely give the viral trendsetter a run for its money, and I really hope it does. The air pressure waves are both strong yet low volume, with a good range of levels and no unnecessary pattern modes. Orgasms then come hard and fast, and once they start they really don’t stop. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that this toy is better than the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, by a big mile. And whilst I did have a few notes, they’re really just me being picky and trying to do my due diligence as a reviewer. Plus, it’s important to mention just how reasonably priced this product is, making it one of the cheapest suction toys I’ve tried, and the fact that this has been made by a small family-owned business, as opposed to the mass-produced Rose that every white-label retailer claims to have made (no doubt flooding the market with low-quality dupes), really emphasises which one deserves our support. Overall, I really do think the Boutique Voila Little GOO is a perfect sex toy, and I truly hope you love it as much as me.

You can get the Little GOO directly from Boutique Voila for just $55 AUD / $35 USD!

Last updated: 1/4/24
Price at the time of writing: $55 AUD / $35 USD


As a toy industry freelancer, I wear many hats. But one of my favourite roles to step into is that of a design consultant. When I first started offering it as a service, it felt like a no-brainer: I know sex toys like the back of my hand, and for almost ten years now I’ve been reviewing them and offering recommendations on how they can be improved. I know what works, and what doesn’t, and with a collection now nearing the thousands, I’ve amassed a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to look back on. So, why not offer my…

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