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Realistic Breast and Hip Masturbator with Dual Sensation

Ultimate Pleasure Realistic Breast and Hip Masturbator is a masterpiece designed to elevate your sensory experience to new heights.

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Embark on a Journey of Unmatched Sensation
Introducing the Ultimate Pleasure Realistic Breast and Hip Masturbator, a masterpiece designed to elevate your sensory experience to new heights. Crafted with round and soft breasts alongside a plump hip texture, this masturbator offers both visual and tactile enjoyment, ensuring a multifaceted pleasure experience. Made from high-quality TPR material, it combines durability with a lifelike feel, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Pleasure
Equipped with advanced technology, this masturbator features:

  • Dual 5 Frequency Cycle Mode: Explore a variety of sensations with vibration and sucking modes, each offering five unique frequency cycles to cater to your every desire.
  • Automatic Cleaning: Ease of maintenance is guaranteed with an automatic cleaning function, making your experience both pleasurable and convenient.
  • Intuitive Controls: With a simple power button, sucking button, exhaust button, and vibration button, navigating through its features is effortless, allowing for an uninterrupted journey of pleasure.

Designed for Your Ultimate Satisfaction
The Ultimate Pleasure Masturbator is more than just a toy; it’s your personal gateway to exploring deep fantasies with its realistic design and dual sensation capabilities. Whether indulging in solo play or enhancing intimacy with a partner, this device promises to deliver an unparalleled experience.


  • Material: Premium TPR for a real and sexy feel.
  • Product Size: 15.7410.6215.43 inches, perfectly sized for a realistic experience.

Safety and Convenience:
While designed for maximum pleasure, this masturbator also prioritizes your safety and convenience, featuring easy-to-follow instructions for use and maintenance. Note that while the device boasts automatic exhaust and cleaning features, direct water immersion should be avoided to protect its intricate components.

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