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I have no one else in my life to share this with (without making things awkward) so here I am, about to get tmi with strangers online lol.

I got my first vibe a few months back from the site shevibe. Its a loveline beso, which is a simple silicone bullet vibe with a slanted tip. I’ve never used vibration before, so it was definitely a learning curve which took a couple sessions to figure out what I like. Now, I absolutely love it. Using my hands can give bigger O’s but the vibe makes the whole experience better. Like without vibration I’m just “ringing the devils doorbell” and it’s only really pleasurable at the end, and often gets painful or sore. The vibe makes the whole experience pleasurable with no discomfort. A trade off I’m happy to make.

I’ve been interested in pressure wave toys, so to celebrate making it through this month at work, i ordered a satisfyer pro traveler. I like how it’s fairly discrete looking, and has a cover. It’s also waterproof which I love for how easy it makes cleaning- but then again, I’ve ready that sometimes has flaws. Regardless, I’m so excited for this one, it’ll be a learning curve I’m sure, but fairly worth it as far as I’ve read. And if not, at least it’ll be a stand in for when the vibe dies on me. I can never remember to plug it in lol.

Anyways, love this sub for being a great source of info. I always lurk here when I have a question or want to read what ppl think of specific toys or brands. Chances are, someone’s posted something that has all the info I needed

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