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Himsmith sex machines


I own one of the more expensive, maybe $500 model ones- non app controlled. And I can say, it’s worth every penny. I’ve owned it for a while and got it from amazon on affirm payments. So, no one can say it’s not affordable. And not only did it come with a toy so it was ready to use, but there are plenty of attachments to choose as well. The 2020s have been a lonely time for many of us. Or, some of us want to add more kinky fun to our lives. Or be pile driven into next week. Or do spicy content for a living.

This is the mech boyfriend of your dreams.


So, my machine broke. The arm mechanism/screw hinges just… exploded off? During play with a partner. And in it’s defense, we believe some fabric from a towel might have gotten caught in it for a brief moment- but on further inspection we also believe that it might have been caused by a piece that was absolutely worn down. We are unsure. We are talking with customer support from the company and at first they tried to get me to buy a $30 set to fix it myself. I was very upset by this because I’m still making affirm payments and I tried to explain this to them multiple times that I shouldn’t have to be paying more money when I’m still paying them. When it finally got through to them, they finally sent me a detailed video on how to fix it myself with a detailed picture based off of the pictures from my machine and parts on how to do it myself. I will let you all know what happens and if I am able to fix it or the person I was playing with is able to fix it (seeing absolutely no hope in my abilities to fix machinery lol). and if I am unable to fix it myself, I will let you know what their returns are like. :3

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