P.S. EDEN is a website that is open and accepts diverse gender identities.

The understanding of the LGBT community by the general public today is diverse and complex. Although different people have different understandings and perspectives, P.S. EDEN respect and accept transgender people, support their pursuit of appropriate gender expression and body change, and accept the existence and rights of their communities. Having an inclusive attitude means not discriminating against, excluding or treating them unfairly based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It also means being willing to learn and understand more about their community and actively engaging in positive interactions and communication with them.

Inclusivity does not require everyone to fully understand or identify with individuals’ lifestyles, but the key is to respect their rights and dignity. By adopting an inclusive attitude, we can establish a more tolerant and equitable society where everyone is free to express their authentic selves and promote an environment of acceptance and diversity.

Diversity and inclusivity

Love knows no bounds, nor race, nor gender,

For in the light of love, we find our true self,

And witness the miracle of human connection.