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Both plugs managed!


Update to previous post.
Thank you to all the people who commented!
Had some great advice from the comments and I’m still looking for a new plug that’s more forgiving and safe tbh.

To the update, I managed to get the bigger plug all the way in ! Took my time with warming up and did an enema twice today.

Put on some on porn, started jerking off and playing with my asshole with my fingers the I put in the small plug and used that for like an hour plus. Just fucking myself with it and alternating back n forth with the small plug and my fingers.

After awhile, brought out the bigger plug and slowly pushed it in and out, fucking myself with it progressively going further and deeper and then backing off and repeating that for some time.
There was some discomfort but I took my time and backed off if there was any n slowly made it further n further. Then eventually it went all the way in!

Kinda happy! There was no pain just fun and rn just been keeping it in for like 30 mins rn even as I am writing this it’s in haha.

1. Does anyone want the specs of the plugs? Or maybe pics of them ?
2. Looking for a cock ring so recommendations would be appreciated

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